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Celebrity Connected is the premiere service for bridging the gap between your business and the stars. For several years, Celebrity Connected has vaulted companies to the top of their industries. Our team helps create the best marketing strategy for your business by utilizing the power of celebrity to elevate the visibility and popularity of your brand. The validation a brand receives from celebrity endorsement and inclusion in our swag bags is invaluable, and Celebrity Connected seeks to maximize the return for you and your business on all levels of media and advertising. There’s no other service that gives exclusive access to luminary personalities while simultaneously capitalizing on every facet of marketing available.

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Why Choose Us?
Sponsors not only pitch their product to celebrities, but capture video and photographs of celebrities holding, describing, and selling product for them. Captured media is the sponsor’s to use in future marketing campaigns on their web and social media sites.
Sponsors may have products seemingly not viable to gift given their size or expense. We are adept at offering marketing strategies that utilize the full extent of services we offer at our events no matter the product or price point.
At our gifting suites, celebrities are given empty gift bags to collect a wide assortment of products from sponsors without weighing themselves down. Sponsors looking to increase their advertising potential have the option of emblazoning their logo on bags.
We make an effort to support non-governmental organizations, charities, and non-profits looking to generate awareness for their causes. Charitable organizations tend to accrue attention during our events and often find further sponsorship with individual celebrities looking to advocate causes they genuinely believe in.