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What we do

We’ve discovered that celebrities with increasing visibility provide the best platforms for burgeoning brands that can grow with the celebrities’ accumulating stardom. Celebrities trending in social media and in their own productions have proven to be the most beneficial way for a once little-known brand to penetrate the market and catapult themselves to meteoric popularity. We emphasize direct placement, allowing business owners to literally place their product into the hands of their favorite stars and get their celebrity endorsement. There’s no other service that gives exclusive access to luminary personalities while simultaneously capitalizing on every facet of marketing available.

Celebrity Connected is the premiere service for bridging the gap between your business and the stars. For many years, Celebrity Connected has vaulted companies to the top of their industries. Our team helps create the best marketing strategy for your business by utilizing the power of celebrity to elevate the visibility and popularity of your brand. The validation a brand receives from celebrity endorsement and inclusion in our swag bags is invaluable, and Celebrity Connected seeks to maximize the return for you and your business on all levels of media and advertising.

Gifting suites, gifting lounges, and other terms batted around Hollywood don’t quite represent the quality environment we craft with every event. With a Celebrity Connected gifting lounge or gifting suite, attendees should expect an occasion where celebrities freely mingle with various brands, the spaces are large enough for elaborate displays, photographers and videographers capture a massive range of content, and about 50 brands from a variety of industries all around the world show their best. Our events provide participants with an arena conducive to marketing and gaining endorsements from celebrities.

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