What is a gift suite? A celebrity gift suite is when you use a product in your company in connection with a celebrity. What happens is the celebrity or celebrities of your choice are used to endorse your product or company brand. The trick is to get a picture taken with them. Snap the picture and you are done. Make it go viral. As long as you have the picture taken with the celebrity in front of your logo, then you can take your company to the next level. These are sometimes dubbed a “gift suite event“.

The other key component is the person has to be holding the item at the gift suite event. The image is no good without this image. Many companies use this tactic. This tactic will work for both startups and big corporations. It helps out those companies who are struggling to make it big. All it takes is one celebrity endorsement to go viral to make an impact.

How To Choose your Gift Suite Companies

There are many things you can do to help elevate your company to a new platform. In this list, we will boil all of this down to a few specifics.

1) Make some calls in your area. Find out what sort of events are coming up. Find out if your brand is going to be a good fit. Make sure you use your brand to fit in the right hole. It does not make sense to be offering up a Birkin Bag at some muscle car show where one of their celebrity drivers will show up. No muscle car enthusiast is going to be interested in a Birkin Bag.

It is good to call up some production companies you may know. These companies have worked other events in the past. Merv Griffin Productions is a good example of this. They have done all sorts of events. They have handed out swag in the past for these events too. Talk to them. Find out what they did. Find out who they think will work out well for your brand. They may have some good people to talk to.

2) Ask around as to which companies have the better reputation. Everyone has their own opinion on this. There is a difference between having an honest and open opinion and having an ax to grind. Steer clear of those who may have an ax to grind. Have an open discussion with some of the people.

Pick and choose from a few people. Never go with the first person you speak with. There may be a few hints of issues later. Find out how they handle these swag events and what sort of commission they expect from it. They will be looking to get paid for using their platform for a celebrity endorsement.

494A38413) Get to know all the people you work with and hire for this event. Get to know the photographer. Make sure you and this person are on the same page. This is your event. You need to convey your terms to them. Make sure they are skilled enough to take part. These will be professional shots used for a celebrity endorsement. They will be seen around the world. Your photographer needs to be at the desired level. Have they ever taken pictures of celebrities for this type of event? Those who have not should be off the list. Same goes for the host you hire. This is your event. Your host needs to be aware of this and act accordingly. It is not going to work out well for you when you have to babysit a “control freak” who insists on doing it all “their way”.

4) Get a good display going. You may be holding this event, but you cannot expect everyone to know who you are. This is true, especially for startups. Those of you who are bigger may be able to loosen the reigns a little bit on this. You need to “circulate”. Get your name out there. Have everything bold and on display. Your attitude needs to display positivity too. You need to be happy about doing this. Selling is one part brand and another part attitude. “Your attitude will tell the patrons and celebrity you get everything they need to know”.

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