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Honoring the MTV Movie Awards: May 6, 2017
For the very first time, people all across the globe were able to log on and experience a Celebrity Connected gifting suite in real-time.




Celebrity gifting suites have been making the news regularly in recent years, playing to the public’s fascination with the world of A-list athletes, movie stars, musicians, and other luminaries. It’s not difficult to see why people love to hear about these luxury gifts.
Now it’s easier than ever for people to see what it’s like to be a top-notch celebrity at an exciting event. Celebrity Connected is offering viewers unprecedented access to the lives of the glitterati, and since it’s a live feed, there’s no telling what could happen. In these kinds of relaxed situations, stars have a tendency to go off-script, inviting fans into their everyday lives.


Honoring the EMMY"S Sept.16
The Emmy Awards in September was one of the most valuable opportunities for celebrity endorsements in the world. The Television Academy hosts the Emmys each year, and many of the most prominent American celebrities always are be in attendance.
The 2016 Emmys was one of the largest ever, with 33 different award categories and 193 nominated celebrities.
Celebrity Connected used celebrity endorsements as one of the most sought after methods of business promotion, and marketers are starting to see the true benefits first-hand.




Honoring the American Music Awards Nov. 18
Los Angeles, CA, November 18, 2016 (Newswire.com) - Celebrity Connected has curated high-quality and innovative brands from various industries such as electronics, fashion, home décor, skincare, haircare, food/beverage, alcohol, and more.



Over 200 celebrities have confirmed their attendance, with a total social media reach of over 300 million combined. These celebrities range from Emmy Award winners, American Music Award winners, Grammy winners, high profile celebrities from music, sports, television, and movies, as well as social media power houses who have tremendous power to push product and create brand awareness. The opportunity for these companies to network and establish relationships with these influencers is unlike any other marketing tool offered today.



Honoring the“Oscar” Academy Awards Luxury Gifting Suite Feb. 25

On Saturday February 25th, the eve of the much-anticipated 2017 “Oscar” Academy Awards, Celebrity Connected will announce its regular Luxury Gifting Suite at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. The Suite will begin at 9:00 a.m. and will last till 2:00 p.m. Organizers are waiting for about 100 “Oscar” nominated celebrities and winners of such prestigious event.




Also prosperous investors and media outlets are going to take part in it, in order to invest money in exciting brands and trademarks. 

The Luxury Gifting Suite is an in-person event.
4 levels of packages are available for participants. It permits up to  10 persons to pass and gives exclusive rights to all captured media. This year's “Oscar” Academy Awards Luxury Gifting Suite is one of Celebrity Connected's biggest events ever. It will include a delicious range of products from luxury brands - some familiar and some straight off the production line. The Celebrity Connected Luxury Gifting Suite is on Saturday, Feb. 25. 



PR Events as a Way of Elevating The Visibility Of Your Brand

No matter what type of business you operate, one thing is for certain: If your brand doesn’t have the right exposure with PR Events, you’re missing out on new customers and prospective business.

Of course, improving the visibility of your brand isn’t as simple as snapping your fingers. Elevating brand visibility is an ongoing process that requires some work and continued effort on the part of the business owner. However, if you’re committed to your brand, then it’s a worthwhile venture.

To help you take your brand to the next level here is a guide on how you can elevate the visibility of your brand.

Event Advertising, Marketing and PR – A Primer

When it comes to improving a brand’s visibility, there are three basic methods – Event Advertising, Marketing and PR. Marketing refers to anything that actively engages the consumer and drives exposure in an active way. Advertising is often confused for marketing, but it’s different, in the sense that it’s a passive form of consumer engagement. For example, a social media campaign that invites consumers to upload pictures using a hashtag would be an example of marketing, as it’s actively engaging the consumer. A billboard promoting a product would be an example of advertising, as there is no engagement involved and it’s a passive form of promoting the brand.

PR is somewhat of an umbrella term, in that it can refer to a few different types of brand promotion. Public relations refers to attempts by a brand to bring attention to their brand via the press or public figures. Public relations events refer to organized events where the press is invited, perhaps to see a celebrity speaker give a talk about the brand in question. Instead of communicating directly to the buying public, PR works directly with newsmakers and powerful people in an attempt to get them to market the brand to their followers and readers.

When it comes to successfully elevating the visibility of a brand, all three methods should be a part of the brand’s overall plan. While some may argue that marketing is more important than advertising, the truth is that all three methods work in harmony to create successful brands that people know about.

Celebrity Theatre Events and Marketing In The Era of Social Media

Marketing today is radically different from marketing 20 years ago because Celebrity Theatre Events are an effective instrument of it. In the old days, marketing was about event advertising and guerilla campaigns that attempted to engage the consumer in a public place. For example, if a company passed out free samples in a crowded shopping mall, that would be a form of old-fashioned marketing. In the old days, marketing always took a backseat to advertising; indeed, it was seen as something of an afterthought. But the internet has changed all of that and marketing is now arguably more of a focus for most companies than advertising is.

Today a brand doesn’t have to engage consumers in public in order to market their company or product. Instead, social media and dedicated brand websites are the main way that marketers reach their consumer directly. However, in a crowded online landscape, it’s become even more difficult to make your brand stand out.

At the beginning of the online marketing gold rush, companies could get a lot of visibility by using somewhat sleazy tactics. For example, a company that sold a bogus herbal supplement could make wild claims about their product and spam the internet with thousands of poorly written articles about the legitimacy of their product. Since the web was in its infancy and users weren’t as discerning, companies like these could make fast cash selling lies and nonsense.

Today’s internet user is certainly not naive. People these days are suspicious of most of the ads and marketing content that they see online. This is why genuine marketing efforts are crucial.

Online Event Marketing Companies Done The Right Way

The key to successfully marketing your brand online in today’s landscape lies in sincere Event Marketing Companies that are not meant to spam or bombard your audience, but rather to provide them with genuine content that they will enjoy. Today’s successful companies use social media as a platform to engage with their customers in a sincere and exciting way.

For example, a company might decide to create a YouTube channel in order to promote a product. If they create a dozen hastily made and sloppy videos just showing the product in use, most people will either ignore the videos entirely or give them a negative rating. However, if a company puts their effort into creating a sincere video that doesn’t just advertise the product, but rather offers entertaining and engaging content, that company will be more likely to have their video be shared or go viral.

The same applies to platforms like Twitter or Facebook. People don’t like Tweets or posts that simply advertise a product. However, they have a tendency to respond positively to content that actively engages with them or presents them with new and interesting content.

This means that the lazy online marketing of yesteryear won’t fly anymore if you’re trying to build a popular brand. Instead, you need to make a concerted effort to produce high-quality social media content that will entertain the user. You don’t want to spam your users until they begrudgingly or accidentally click on your product link. Instead, you want to get them so excited about your brand’s social media presence that they feel compelled to investigate your brand further and purchase your product.

Advertising In Celebrity Theatre Upcoming Events

Outdoor and physical advertising hasn’t gone anywhere. Even more, Celebrity Theatre Upcoming Events were successful created. While some online marketing experts have disparaged the value of physical advertising in an internet era, there’s always going to be value in your brand having physical ads that people see out in the real world. Not only does it raise your brand’s visibility, but it lends your brand some legitimacy as a real company that doesn’t just exist in an online sphere.

However, outdoor and physical ads are expensive. This is why many smaller brands do choose to indeed start with online advertising. Where online marketing requires continued effort and engagement, online advertising is more open and shut. You create a text or image ad, you choose to pricing structure and then you sit back and let the ad do the work.

When it comes to the pricing structure of online advertisements, it can vary. What’s very popular is the PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, model. PPC advertising means that your ad is shown to a wide array of users, but you’re only charged when someone actually clicks on your ad and is directed to your website. It’s important to remember that you’re still charged even if the person who clicked the ad refrains from buying anything.

Many internet branding experts disparage online advertising, arguing that web users are too savvy nowadays and intentionally avoid clicking anything that reads as an advertisement. However, there’s still room for smart advertising on the internet. If your ad is compelling and visually appealing, people will want to click. Avoid false promises, such as the “doctors hate this secret remedy!” cliche. Instead, create sincere and appealing advertisements and the clicks will come.

While active online marketing will always be the superior way to raise your brand’s online visibility, online advertising is a great added component to your brand’s overall online marketing scheme. Once you’ve created your ad and purchased your package, you’re done. It’s a nice way to get some extra exposure without thinking about it while you focus your efforts on your ongoing social media marketing strategy.

PR in The Era of Celebrity Events.

Just as the internet has made marketing and advertising of Celebrity Events more competitive, it’s changed how companies approach their PR strategies as well. Today’s PR campaigns are all about not only trying to get exposure in a full and nonstop news cycle, but trying to get tastemakers and celebrities to work with your brand as a spokesperson or ambassador.

The internet didn’t just change how we interact with celebrities, but it turned a lot of arguably ordinary people into celebrities as well. The rise of the YouTube and Instagram celebrity has changed how brands approach their PR. In the old days, top brands could negotiate with stars to have their brand included at celebrity events, but only if they had a big budget and a lot of pull. Today’s event marketing companies don’t have to wait for Hollywood stars, as they can work with small but popular YouTube celebrities who can reach the same amount of people for a lot less money.

Working with internet celebrities isn’t limited to PR events, either. More and more companies are making deals with YouTube and Instagram celebrities to be included in their videos or photos. These deals are lucrative, but affordable. There is still some success to be had with the stars of traditional media, however. Celebrity theatre events are a great place for celebrities to advertise brands with whom they’re working. If you look at celebrity theatre upcoming events, odds are that you’ll see plenty of brand sponsorships and event planning.

Besides working with stars and event PR, public relations is still very much focused on getting news organizations and the media to give their brands more exposure. One popular method is native advertising, where companies pay for articles about their brand to appear on news media websites. While these articles are marked as advertisements in order to comply with FCC regulations, they look indistinguishable from the other articles on the site. This can be a powerful way for brands to reach the readers of popular news websites.

Of course, native advertising isn’t the only way to get the media to notice you. Well written press releases are still a good idea and can get news organizations interested in your brand, especially if it’s doing something new or innovative. If your brand is involved with any charities, this is a good topic to include in a press release. News organizations don’t want to outright advertise for companies, but they are happy to highlight companies that are doing good for their community. They also are always interested in something that’s never been done before, be it new technology or a revolutionary product.

In a crowded news cycle that’s very celebrity-obsessed, PR has certainly gotten more competitive. However, if brands can be creative and be extensive in their research of traditional or internet celebrities to work with, they can still use PR as a powerful tool to enhance their brand’s visibility.

Bettering Your Business In Public Relations Events

If you haven’t picked up on Public Relations Events by now, the internet reigns supreme in today’s advertising, marketing and PR world. The nature of the internet is consistently changing, which means that brands can’t just coast by on the same old tried and true tactics. Rather, they must constantly be active and aware of new platforms and new strategies that will keep them competitive.
When it comes down to it, elevating the visibility of your brand isn’t a sprint, but rather a slow marathon with winding trails and unpredictable terrain. Successful brands don’t just throw things at the wall and wait for something to stick. Instead, they treat growing their brand as an ongoing process.

Ultimately, consumers like to work with brands to whom they feel a personal connection. This is why such an emphasis is placed on social media content that actively engages with consumers and makes them feel like they’re being heard. Consumers love brands that directly respond to them on Twitter or who offer promotional deals for fans who use hashtags. This is also why PR campaigns with YouTube celebrities are so effective. Customers feel a personal connection to their favorite YouTube stars and tend to trust their recommendations.

If you can stay sincere and creative in your efforts to elevate your brand’s visibility, you’ll succeed. It might not happen overnight, but if you remain consistent in your efforts, your brand can grow in leaps and bounds.


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