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Every startup company usually needs a huge amount of capital and advertising to get the ball rolling. Most profits for the first year of any business depends on three main things but the product itself and advertising the product is by far the most important. Advertising is very to produce when an already established celebrity represents the startup business.

Celebrities and Car Companies

Many car companies have found the usefulness of celebrity status as great marketing strategies. The technique is very simple have a veryvwell known actor athlete singer or any other celebrity make constant commercials driving your brand. They don’t even have to drive the vehicle as in most cases with NBA star Blake Griffin they just put it in the most televised slam dunk contest with the best dunker at the at the time. The technique was very successful as Kia sales dramatically the following year and has been climbing ever since. For those who actually drive the vehicle in the commercials Matthew McConaughey is a prime example of using a celebrity for a startup or huge improvement for business success. The acclaimed movie star has made over five commercials always speaking in narration of why he loves the Lincoln even before he was famous. This is a great way to capture everyday car buyers or your average Joe.

Peyton Manning and Papa John’s

America loves football and America also loves pizza. The emergence of statistically the best quarterback in NFL history with acclaimed America’s favorite pizza is one that still continues today. Both celebrity and company benefit from this alliance as both are known for being the best at what they do. Peyton Manning retiring on a super bowl championship and MVP award does justice for both him and the mecca of pizza.

Perfume and Cologne

Many perfume company’s start on the name of the celebrity themselves. Many actor and singers such as Beyonce, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez have all created there own line of perfume for women. Michael Jordan and Antonio Banderas are just two of the many males who also have created a cologne line as well. With this cross of business with celebrities and marketing any market can be tapped into instantly and easily compared to someone who isn’t famous. Celebrity PR firms are also very good for pushing sales.

Lil Wayne and Drake

Celebrity endorsments are the one-night the most easiest way for a business to success as well as for the celebrity themselves. A very good example is with rapper Lil Wayne. As a prominent and we’ll known rapper in 2009 he told all of his fans to listen to his upcoming artist by the name of Drake. He also did the same thing for New York rapper Nicki Minaj and the rest is history nearly ten years later for the three artists. Young Money is truly a celebrity company as the founder is a celebrity himself along with his partner. Lil Wayne has been stated to hold a swag bag as other rappers use the term that was created during his time.

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