Rydel Lynch

Rydel Lynch

Birth name
Rydel Mary Lynch
August 9 1993 ( age: 24 )
Littleton, Colorado, United States
Occupation (s)
Actress Singer Instrumentalist
Pop rock
Vocals, keyboard, piano
Hollywood Records
Years active
Associated acts


She made her acting debut in Sunday School Musical as a Crossroads Choir Member. She appeared in School Gyrls as a cheerleader along with her brother Riker Lynch. She appeared in A Day as Holly's Kids as Holly's Actual Kid 2. She appeared in the pilot episode of the television series Bunheads as a Vegas Showgirl. Rydel told Teen Ink about Bunheads, "I'm one of the dancers and if it gets picked up, it'll air on ABC Family." She also appeared in an episode of Violetta in 2015 and performed "Heart Made Up on You" with R5.


In 2009, R5 was formed with Rydel, her brothers Riker, Rocky and Ross Lynch, and family friend Ellington Ratliff with her younger brother Ryland Lynch as their manager. In April 2012, R5 signed a deal with Hollywood Records. They went on a 10-day tour entitled West Coast Tour in which she regularly performed a cover of "Call Me Maybe". In early 2013, R5 released a four-song EP entitled Loud. Their first studio album, Louder was released on September 24, 2013. Rydel spoke about the album, saying "We wanted to put out a fun album." Rydel was featured as the lead vocalist in the songs "Never" from R5's debut EP Ready Set Rock and "Love Me Like That" which was featured on Louder. The song is described as the "cheerleader hip-hop jammer" and "an irresistible party track that's a whole lotta rhythm and a little bit blues". The song received generally positive reviews. R5 went on their fifth tour titled Louder Tour with Rydel regularly performing "Love Me Like That" and covers of songs such as a duet of "Sleeping with a Friend" by Neon Trees with her bandmate and boyfriend Ellington Ratliff. Rydel and along with R5 won the special award Radio Disney Showstopper at the Radio Disney Music Awards. On July 22, 2014, R5 released their new EP called Heart Made Up on You. Rydel also has a song that is on R5's second studio album, Sometime Last Night, called "Lightning Strikes", which she performs regularly on tour. She and the rest of the band also appeared as Ross Lynch's band for the music video of the song "Heard It on the Radio. She also made an appearance in Taylor Mathews's "Head Over Feeling" video, and was featured in the R5 movie "All Day, All Night" which was released on Apri

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