Mia Talerico

Mia Talerico
Mia Talerico

The daughter of Claire Talerico Mia Talerico started her career when she was eleven months old on Disney's Good Luck Charlie, starring alongside Bridgit Mendler. She also starred in the 2011 film Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! If you wonder how old is Mia Talerico, know-she is 7, wow!
She was cast for the role of Charlie after the show's producers were unsuccessful at finding twins to play the role.
She has been called an obedient actor by Good Luck Charlie's director.
She is the daughter of Chris and Claire Talerico, and was born in Santa Barbara, California. She has a younger sister named Aubrey.
She played Jason Dolley's adorable infant sister in the series Good Luck Charlie.

Mia Talerico is the adorable baby Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan in Disney Channel's Good Luck Charlie! (2010). Her parents are Chris and Claire Talerico. She was born in Santa Barbara, California. Her infancy is seen in her character in the comedy series. Phil Baker, co-creator of the show, said that they talk to Mia's mom to know what Mia does and likes, and they incorporate