gifting suite
Jubilation hung in the air at the 2014 Celebrity Connected gifting suite Celebrating The Kids’ Choice Awards®.

The amazing whirligigs, toys, and foodstuffs on display, in addition to the consistently stellar line-up of stars, made this the place to be leading up to the KCA. Overall, this celebration had a more youthful vibe compared to our other gifting suite and it showed through the roster of talent from Disney and Nickelodeon dominated the day. Although there were still some older stars on hand, this was for the kids.

The brands on hand were electric! Educational toys were a hit, but unsurprisingly they weren’t the only in attendance. Companies also offered up their educational toys for the crowd to experiment with, much to the delight of stars like Jack Griffo, who was nominated for favorite TV actor at this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards® for his role on the hit show The Thundermans. There were also toys of the non-electronic variety as one company brought the jungle to the SLS Hotel with their wide selection of rubber animal figurines. Their life-like nature made them a very popular item, which, at one point, actress, stuntwoman, and martial artist Caitlin Dechelle balanced several at once while in an impressive Sagiashi-dachi stance.

The celebrities kept rolling down the red carpet as the day continued.

Brand of seaweed chips get celebrity endorsement by  Hollywood icon Eric Roberts.

Roberts noted the positive elements of seaweed, a food he’s incorporated into his own diet for its healthy properties, and how the innovative approach to the snack-food could benefit people from all walks of life. Soulja Boy stopped by the impressive display of stuffed animals, which featured an entire neon lit display. Not far away, the Sharbino sisters fawned over the beautiful dresses from a French boutique and their classy take on young girls’ attire. At every turn, celebrities interacted with products now getting the adoration they deserved.

The entertainment didn’t stop there. As always DJ Danny kept the mood upbeat, personalities like Pandora Vanderpump and Sheana Marie learned about the benefits of organic skincare products. Comedy legend Penny Marshall was stunned by the elegance of the apparel lines, while America’s favorite boy band Midnight Red perused the creative, sports themed wallet and bag companies. When all was said and done, over one hundred and fifty celebrities came through the Celebrity Connected gifting suite, networking with a multitude of companies from every industry imaginable. Although considered an event for the kids, every person in the crowd benefited from the exciting, entrepreneurial ambiance exclusive to our gifting suites. Once again we prove that attending a Celebrity Connected gifting suites is an invaluable experience.

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