Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Birth name
Robert James Ritchie
January 17, 1971 ( age: 47 )
Romeo, Michigan, United States
Occupation (s)
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • rapper
  • multi-instrumentalist
  • actor
  • Rock
  • Southern rock
  • rap rock
  • country rock
  • country
  • crunkcore
  • hip hop
  • Vocals
  • guitar
  • bass
  • banjo
  • keyboards
  • turntables
  • drums
  • percussion
  • talkbox
  • Warner Bros.
  • Atlantic
  • Jive
  • Top Dog
  • Lava
Years active
Associated acts
  • Uncle Kracker
  • Joe C.
  • Champtown
  • Yelawolf
  • Eminem
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Too $hort
  • Hank Williams Jr.
  • D-Nice
  • Machine Gun Kelly
  • Limp Bizkit
  • Bon Jovi
  • Foreigner
Romeo, Michigan, United States
Jill Ritchie (sister)

1990–1997: The hip-hop era

On December 30, 1990, released Kid Rock first album Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast. Kid Rock singles are very popular too. As noted by Insane Clown Posse member Violent J, this album made Kid Rock one of the two biggest rap stars in Detroit in 1990, along with local independent rapper Esham.Though Jive Records did not push the album, it gained infamy when radio station WSUC-FM (90.5) of Cortland, New York was fined $23,700 by the FCC – then the largest fine against a radio station – for playing the song "Yo Da-Lin In the Valley". The album sold an estimated 100,000 copies. Kid Rock's career had begun to decline towards the end of 1990 and Jive Records released Kid Rock from his contract in 1991. Once back in Detroit, he became friends with Uncle Kracker after battling his brother in a freestyle rapping competition. Afterward, Uncle Kracker became Kid Rock's DJ. At the time Uncle Kracker had no clue how to work the turntables. Kid rock and Uncle Kracker songs always become hits. In late 1991, Kid Rock was picked up by an independent record label called Continuum Records, which held Pink Floyd at one time. Though Insane Clown Posse's Violent J disliked Kid Rock's rapping style, he paid Kid Rock to appear on Insane Clown Posse's first album, Carnival of Carnage in 1992, in an attempt to get the album noticed. Kid Rock showed up to record the song "Is That You?" intoxicated, but re-recorded his vocals and record scratching the following day. In March 1993, Continuum released his second album The Polyfuze Method. Kid Rock had taught himself how to play several instruments including guitar, drums, keyboards, and organ.[citation needed] As a result, the album, which sold approximately 15,000 copies, featured a more rap rock-oriented sound. The album heavily sampled psychedelic blues from Led Zeppelin (Prodigal Son, My Oedipus Complex), Pink Floyd (The Cramper) and The Doors (U Don't Know Me), Black Sabbath (Pancake Breakfast ) and The Smiths (Back From The Dead) amongst others.The album saw some local college radio success at Central Michigan University with the tracks "Back From The Dead" and "Balls In Your Mouth". He wanted "Prodigal Son" as the lead single, but Continuum refused and released "U Don't Know Me" as the first single. It failed to chart, and the music video received little airplay on major music video channels. Kid Rock re-released "Back From The Dead" as a single to mainstream radio and produced the music video himself, but it also failed as a single.

1997–2002: The rap/rock era

In 1997, Kid Rock added drummer/vocalist Stefanie Eulinberg to his band, which consisted of Kenny Olson, Jason Krause, Jimmie Bones, Uncle Kracker, Misty Love, Shirley Hayden, and Joe C. Kid Rock 1998 was featured on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno's segment "Jay Walking". He said he was an up-and-coming artist and was gonna be a big star. On August 18, 1998, Atlantic released Devil Without a Cause behind the single "Welcome 2 The Party" and Kid Rock went on the Vans Warped Tour to support the album. Kid Rock released a low budget music video of the song.Sales of "Welcome 2 The Party" and Devil were slow, though the 1998 Warped Tour in Northampton, Massachusetts stimulated regional interest in Massachusetts and New England. This led to substantial airplay of the single "I Am The Bullgod" during the summer and fall of 1998 on Massachusetts rock staples WZLX and WAAF. In the summer of 1998, while DJing at a club, he met and became friends with MTV host Carson Daly. Daly made him his DJ on the MTV Beachouse and the Kid Rock was a judge on Say What Karoke and commentator for a WCW event on MTV. Then he talked Daly into getting him a performance on MTV and on December 28, 1998, he performed on MTV Fashionably Loud in Miami, Florida, creating a buzz from his performance, even upstaging Jay-Z. In May, his sales began taking off with Kid Rock Bawitdaba album and by April 1999, Devil Without a Cause had achieved a gold disc. The following month, Devil, as he predicted, went platinum. The song was pushed into mainstream pop culture due to its use in the trailer for the movie Gladiator starring Russell Crowe. It was also heard in the movies " Any Given Sunday" and "Ready To Rumble" as well as the TV shows "Nash Bridges" and "The Simpson's". Even Bette Midler did a show tunes version on her short lived TV comedy show "Bette" in 1999. ECW wrestler Kid Kash used the song as his entrance song and because of his resemblance to Kid Rock he dressed like him. In June 1999 Kid Rock's first major tour was Limptropolis, where he opened for Limp Bizkit with Staind. He solidified his fame with a Woodstock 1999 performance and on July 24 of that year, he was double platinum. The following month he released the single "Cowboy", a mix of southern rock, country, and rap, was an even bigger hit, making the Top 40 and No. 34 and Hot 100 an No. 82. It became the theme song of WCW's Jeff Jarrett remixed has "The Chosen One". He performed the song on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. The song was also featured in the movies "Shangai Noon", "Coyote Ugly", "Ready To Rumble", "Matchstick Man" and "Serving Sara". Kid Rock in September 1999 at the MTV Video Music Award's reunited Run DMC and Aerosmith doing a medley of "King Of Rock", "Rock Box", "Bawitdaba" and "Walk This Way". It remains the highest rated segment in MTV History. Rock's next single, the slow, back porch blues ballad "Only God Knows Why", was the biggest hit off the album, charting at No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was the first song to use Auto-Tune. The album was released two months before Cher's autotuned song "Believe" came out. "Cowboy" technically used autotune on its robotic intro. By the time the final single, "Wasting Time", was released, the album had sold 7 million copies. Devil Without A Cause was certified 11 times platinum by the RIAA on April 17, 2003. According to soundscan actual sales are 9.51 million as of 2015. Rock was nominated as Best New Artist at the 2000 Grammy Awards, but lost to Christina Aguilera. He was nominated for "Bawitdaba" for Best Hard Rock Performance, but lost to Metallica's "Whiskey in the Jar".

2003–2009: Southern rock revivalist era

In 2003, Kid Rock returned with an eponymous album, almost stripping away the accustomed rap metal sound he had created, opting for Southern rock and several country ballads in the wake of the success of "Picture". The album's lead single was a cover of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love". A media blitz accompanied the single with live performances at the American Music Awards, Tonight Show and Big In 03 Awards. The album promotion week was capped off by the VH-1 special called A Kid Rock Christmas, which aired on December 14, 2003. This led to a No. 8 chart debut The following single was "Cold And Empty", it was used in a 2004 episode of the WB's Smallville and peaked at No. 20 on the hot ac charts. Jackson, Mississippi was the album's next single peaking at No. 14 on the mainstream rock charts. Next up,"I Am" would chart at No. 28 on the mainstream rock charts. The album's final single "Single Father" penned by David Allan Coe became his second country hit peaking at No. 50 on the hot country tracks. The album only went platinum. Kid Rock was involved in the halftime show controversy at Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston, Texas on February 1, 2004. He was criticized by the Veterans of Foreign Wars for desecrating the American flag, by wearing one slit in the middle as a poncho. The following month, Kid inducted Bob Seger into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In September 2005, Kid Rock filled in for Johnny Van Zant, the lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd, on the band's hit "Sweet Home Alabama" at the Hurricane Katrina benefit concert. He performed "Erotica", the theme song for Spike TV's Stripperella, as well as lending his voice to a few episodes. "Forever" was used in the 2004 movie "Torque". Kid Rock in concert on September 16, 2006 in Denver, Colorado On February 28, 2006, Kid Rock released his first live album, Live Trucker, comprising songs from his homestead performances in Clarkston in 2000 and 2004 as well as Detroit's Cobo Hall on March 26, 2004. The album contained the last two performances of Joe C. on "Devil Without a Cause" and "Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp" in addition to Rock performing a duet with country star Gretchen Wilson on "Picture". He brought Bob Seger back from semi-retirement during his pre-Super Bowl concerts on February 2 and 3, 2006 in Detroit. The two performed a version of Seger's "Rock 'n' Roll Never Forgets" on both nights. Kid Rock would appear on Bob Seger's album Face the Promise and on a Vince Gill cover of "Real Mean Bottle", a tribute to country legend Merle Haggard. He would make a cameo in the movie Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector and appeared in an episode of CSI: New York in 2006. He inducted Lynyrd Skynyrd into the 2006 Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and performed "Sweet Home Alabama" with them. Rock n Roll Jesus was released on October 9, 2007, becoming Kid Rock's first album to go No. 1, selling 172,000 copies in its first week. He made the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for the second time, and appeared for the first time on Larry King Live to discuss the new album. The album's lead single "So Hott" became his best charting rock song of his career, peaking at No. 2 on the mainstream rock charts and No. 13 on the modern rock charts. The song was used by ESPN and CBS for college football and basketball. The song also appeared on the show "Californication" and was performed on the 1st annual Spike TV Video Game Awards. The second single "Amen", was also successful peaking at No. 11 on mainstream rock and No. 27 on modern rock.The song showed a more serious side to Kid Rock. However it was the album's third single, "All Summer Long", that took off and became a global hit. It utilized a mash up of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" and Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London". "All Summer Long" would chart at No. 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 because it wasn't aided by iTunes downloads. Kid Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd would make joint live performances of "All Summer Long" and "Sweet Home Alabama" on both CBS Fashion Rocks and Good Morning America. They would then go on two summer tours together: "Rock N Rebel's I" and "Rock N Rebel's II". Lil Wayne became the first hip-hop act ever to perform at the CMA Awards when he played guitar on "All Summer Long". The week before, the two performed together on the same song with Lil Wayne doing a freestyle mid song and the 2009 VMA's. "Rock n Roll Jesus" returned to the Top 10 for 17 straight weeks. "Roll On", "Rock N Roll Jesus", and "Blue Jeans And A Rosary", the albums remaining singles, were all minor hits. In 2008, Kid Rock recorded and made a music video for the song "Warrior" for a National Guard advertising campaign.

2009–present: The Heartland rock era

In April 2010, Kid Rock started a spring cruise dubbed "The Chillin The Most Cruise". He followed this up by hosting the CMT Awards in June, performing "Cowboy", "Bawitdaba", and "Good Ol Boys" with Hank Williams Jr, Trace Adkins, Martina McBride, Kellie Pickler, Randy Houser, Zac Brown and Jamey Johnson. "American Bad Ass" was used for TV promos for the movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra in the summer of 2009. "I Am The Bullgod" was also featured in the Madden 2010 soundtrack during same time frame. Kid Rock then signed a licensing deal with a new video game called, Power Gig: Rise of The Sixth String. The game used "All Summer Long","Rock N Roll Jesus" and "Son Of Detroit". Kid Rock released Born Free on November 16, 2010 and it debuted at No. 5, selling 189,000 copies in its first week. The album was produced by Rick Rubin and featured David Hidalgo and Matt Sweeney on guitar as well as Chad Smith on drums and Benmont Tench on keyboard. The album was his first album without a parental advisory sticker on it. The album's title track was released as its first single, peaking at No. 14 on the mainstream rock charts and No. 31 on the active rock charts. It also charted at No. 52 on country and No. 39 on the adult pop charts. It was the theme song to the 2010 MLB playoffs on TBS as well as WWE's Tribute To The Troops Special. He performed the song at the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving halftime show. The album reached gold status on December 15, 2010. The follow-up single was "God Bless Saturday", which peaked at No. 37 on the mainstream rock charts. It is the secondary theme song for College Gameday on ESPN. The third single was "Collide", which featured Sheryl Crow and Bob Seger. Rock and Crow then went on a joint tour together after the song peaked at No. 26 on the adult pop chart and No. 51 on the country charts. The next single, a cover of Jason Boland's "Telephone Romeo" re-written as "Purple Sky", failed to chart. In November 2011, Kid Rock released "Care", a protest song about current politics in D.C. that had multiple versions released for the single. The album version featured Martina McBride and T.I. and the international single featuring Mary J. Blige. The music video was shot with Pistol Annie's Angeleena Pressley. The single peaked at No. 26 on the Adult Contemporary charts and No. 58 on the country chart. He released the EP Racing Father Time in the Detroit area along with the album. It included remixes of "Slow My Roll" and "Lonely Road Of Faith", along with "The Midwest Fall" and "Forty". Born Free went platinum in July 2011. He returned to host the CMT Awards for a 2nd year doing a spoof on "Bawitdaba" with Wynonna Judd. On January 15, 2011, Kid Rock celebrated his 40th birthday with a performance at Ford Field in Detroit. The marathon concert featured Uncle Kracker, Peter Wolfe, Reverend Run, Sheryl Crow, Cindy Crawford, Jimmie Johnson, and Anita Baker. He also returned to Comerica Park on August 12 and 13. In December, he went on a 12-city club tour and donated the proceeds to various charities in each city to support his single, "Care". Kid Rock became the first musician to play in a recorded concert for television at Elvis Presley's Graceland on November 28, 2011 when PBS taped an episode for their album Live from the Artists Den. He performed "Born Free" at a Michigan Rally for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in February. On May 12, 2012, he performed a benefit concert with the Detroit Orchestra, raising $1 million. On December 7, 2011, Kid Rock joined Metallica on-stage at The Fillmore San Francisco during day two of the 30 Years of Metallica celebration to perform Seger's "Turn the Page". On April 14, 2012, he joined Travis McCoy, Black Thought, ?uestlove, and The Roots in performing a medley of Beastie Boys songs at the 2012 Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony. Kid Rock recorded "In Detroit" as part of the NFL's promotion with Pepsi called "Pepsi Anthems" in August 2012. It was recorded as the theme song for the Detroit Lions. "American Bad Ass" was used for TV promotional spot for the 2012 movie Battleship. Filmography 1999–2008: The Howard Stern Show 2000: Saturday Night Live 2000: The Simpsons 2000: WWF Raw is War 2001: Joe Dirt 2001: All Access: Front Row, Backstage. Live! (IMAX) 2001: Osmosis Jones 2001: Kid Rock: Lonely Road of Faith 2002: King of the Hill 2003: Punk'd 2003: Biker Boyz 2003: Stripperella 2003: CMT Outlaws 2005: CSI: NY 2005: Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector 2005: Motorcycle Mania III 2005: Coors Light Mountain Jam 2002: Stacked 2009: WrestleMania XXV 2010: Top Gear (U.S. TV series) 2011, 2013: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives 2012, 2014: Live from the Artists Den

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