Celebrity endorsement is an advertisement method that involves exploitation of a celebrity’s fame or social status to increase the market share of your company or a brand; hence increase sales. This marketing strategy is based on the theory that the celebrity’s positive image is transferred to the product following the endorsement, so that the product becomes as popular as the celebrity himself. While many celebrities exist around the world, it may be difficult getting a celebrity to endorse your products because of various reasons including lack of cash and poor approach. While there may be so many tips to help you on how to get a celebrity endorsement, this article explores only three practical ways to help you do so. They include giving the celebrities incentives, aligning with a cause and accessing the celebrities through their representatives.

brand endorsementHow to Get a Celebrity Endorsement By Offering Incentives

Incentives entice the celebrities into endorsements because they know that they get something in return. While giving the celebrity money may be the best way to encourage him into the deal, it is possible that your businesses may lack the financial ability to do so. However, you should not be discouraged looking for celebrities to endorse you products. There are many alternatives to money, and they include goods and equity. Just like any other human being, celebrities may like free things as long as the things meet the social class of the celebrities.

Examples of produces you can send the celebrities depending on what your business sells include gears, electronics and ornaments. One way of how to get a celebrity endorsement through free goods is to identify a specific celebrity you want to work with and deliver your product to him. If the potential buyers of the product see the celebrity using your brand, it implies that the product is good for their consumption; hence they will want to use it. However, be sure to conduct your target celebrity through the right channel before sending him your product.

Equity encourages celebrities to endorse your brand because they know that they have a share in your business. One case showing how to get a celebrity endorsement through equity offer is the deal between Tom Brady and Under Armour in 2010, where the former was offered an equity state in the company. As of 2016, the endorsement has so far benefited the two parties because is now the largest sports apparel firm in the United States while Brady’s success curve has been on an accelerating phase.

For you to succeed in getting celebrity endorsement through incentives, it is advisable that your offer to the celebrity stands out of the crowd. This is because celebrities receive many such offers. As a result, they are likely to choose the offer that impresses them the most. Being sure that your business meets the endorsement threshold set by the celebrity you’re targeting is therefore crucial because celebrities never want to get embarrassed when they agree to include their name to your brand. Additionally, you should contact enough research about the celebrity you’re targeting to ensure that he matches your brand and your target market. This is useful because your sells can only increase when the message gets to the right market.


Aligning With a Cause

As much as you have your own objectives in an endorsement deal, a celebrity may also want to link his name to a particular cause, including charity. In such a case, it is crucial that you also link your business to the cause pursued by the celebrity in order to persuade him into endorsing your brand. You must first learn the causes the celebrity backs before reaching him. Aligning with a cause creates a positive image for your business. It also provides your brand with an opportunity to access celebrities because it acts as a common ground.

One case of a celebrity endorsement through a cause is where the Musician, 50 Cent struck an endorsement deal with the energy shot manufacturer, Street King in 2011. In this deal, the two parties agreed that a certain fraction of proceeds from each energy shot would be donated to World Food Programme to cater for food for hungry children. Another scenario is where Miguel Cabrera, a baseball celebrity entered an endorsement deal with New Balance. In the deal, New Balance agreed to donate gear and money to the Miguel Cabrera Foundation. The foundation is a charity organization that supports programs that nurture youth development and leadership in Latin America, Caribbean and the United States.

Accessing the Celebrities Through Representativesendorsement advertising

Accessing a celebrity is the first step towards convincing him to have his name included on your products or services. Although direct approaches through social media like tweeter may work, the celebrity may decide not to accept your advances because direct approach may not carry the same weight as indirect approach. Some celebrities are also too busy to have time engaging you on social media. In today’s world, celebrities prefer being reached through their representatives, including agents, managers, friends and relatives because representatives constitute an appropriate way on how to get a celebrity endorsement .

Although you may eventually reach the celebrity through his representative, the process may be long and time-consuming because the representatives tend to be protective. For security purposes, they must understand your intention well before allowing you to access the celebrity. One way to succeed in convincing the representative is to let you access the celebrity of your choice is to begin by establishing a friendship with the representative. When doing so, it is advisable to be patient and avoid nagging the representative despite feeling frustrated. Sticking to their schedule may work for you.

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