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You want the best and most cost-efficient advertising for your product or business. You work hard to get your business going and keep it running, but without good advertising,it won’t go anywhere. That’s where Celebrity Gift Suites come in.



What are Celebrity Gift Suites?

In the past, Celebrity Connected would give out a swag bag to each celebrity attending our event. These were filled with different products from businesses looking for celebrity endorsement. The celebrities would take the products from the swag bag, try them, and tell what they thought of them if they liked the product. Celebrity Connected came up with the Gift Suites to provide more exposure for your product or business.

How does the event work?

The day before the awards show, the invited celebrities visit our event. They are each provided with their own personal guide to escort them from booth to booth. Your business will have a booth displaying your products. As each celebrity comes by, they are given gifts to try, and you can take videos with them for endorsement of your product. Media also attends these events and provides even more exposure for your product.


How can this benefit your company?maxresdefault

The Celebrity Gift Suite can become a major asset to your business or product line. Celebrity endorsement is a sure way to get people to try your product. When they see the celebrity tries and likes it, they will think it must be a good product. They will purchase it and try it themselves. Word of mouth will then spread, and your business grows by leaps and bounds.

Besides the endorsement and boost to your business, many companies build lasting relationships with the celebrities they meet. As your company grows or brings out new products, the celebrity will want to attend more events and get those new products. Many will go on talk shows and promote the product because they love it that much. Millions of viewers will see the show and know that you are the person to go to for this product. The celebrity may also tweet or post on social media about your product. With all of their followers, millions will know about your product or service.




Breakdown of the event

Each business will arrive early to set up their booth. Once we have checked everyone and everything is set to go, the event will begin. There are generally about 40-50 companies attending gift suite events. We provide an environment to host the event. It is a private, by invitation only event so the celebrities and media that are invited will be the only ones allowed to attend.

As each celebrity enters the door, an MC will announce their arrival. They enter on a red carpet and are assigned their own personal assistant. They are also given a paper with their name and what they are famous for on it. This is so that you will know exactly who you are dealing with when they visit your booth.

As they are escorted to your booth, you will introduce yourself and your products to them. You are allowed to take pictures and videos with them and your product. These can be used however you like to endorse your product or business, whether it be on your website or an advertisement. The media will also be following them around and taking pictures and video of the event. This will give you even more exposure to millions of people. After the videos and pictures, you will then present the celebrity with a gift from your company.



Exposure from the evente19113DSC_0810

If you are looking for major exposure for your company or product, this is the event to provide just that. We generally have anywhere from 100-200 celebrities attending along with media, photographers, and journalists. If you think about it, each celebrity has at least a million followers. For one event, your product can be exposed to 200 million people. That is a major boost for your business.


When you get right down to it, the Celebrity Gift Suite event is the right way way to gain exposure for your product or company. It is also cost-efficient. If you pay for advertising and promotions, you will spend a ton of money and may not get the followers you were hoping for. With celebrity endorsements, you can’t go wrong. Their million plus followers will try it simply because they say it is a great thing. They will tell all of their friends, and your business is suddenly booming. You can’t go wrong with this event. Try it today and rake in the profits tomorrow.

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