Gifting Company for Your Brand

Gifting companies are a marketing phenomena that can take your brand to the next level. While many business owners are familiar with direct marketing and online marketing, gifting is a unique form of exposure that can endorse your brand and ensure widespread appeal. Gift companies allow the celebrities to sample and review your products without being overly obvious. In this celebrity-driven, social media age, the right clientele can bring you business for years to come. A detailed look at the original gift company Celebrity Connected will help you choose the gifting company to establish your business or brand.Jiff Celebrity Dog

Gifting Fundamentals

Gift giving is an established part of human culture. Fundamentally, giving gifts means providing something of value to commemorate an occasion or person. Studies have shown that people who receive items as gifts are more likely to rate the item, as well as put it to public use. While gifts do not require reciprocity or payment, standard etiquette allows for the gift recipient to offer verbal or written appreciation for the gift. As a brand tool, gift giving to the right individuals is a remarkably untapped resource to expand your business. If done correctly, celebrity gift giving can result in celebrity endorsements and transform your brand.

As an original gift company, Celebrity Connected is the pioneer gifting company that can put your product in the hands of the influential celebrities. Originally, a celebrity gifting company would offer “swag bags” to celebrities attending events. These bags would include samples of items which companies hoped the celebrity would try and then endorse. Since celebrities often have individuals and agencies clamoring for attention through letters and phone calls, gift bags are traditionally a classy way to show appreciation for considering the brand. According to renown scholar Jean-Luc Marion, gift giving indicates a company’s respect and appreciation of the celebrity’s time (“Being Given: Toward a Phenomenology of Giveness.” Stanford University Press, 2002).

Why gifting companies are necessary for you?

celebrity connected upcoming eventsFurthermore, there are more commercial benefits to providing gifts as well. Once a celebrity uses and likes a gift in the gift bag, the celebrity is more likely to purchase the product in the future. Even more importantly, celebrities are solitary individuals. Instead, even minor celebrities more often than not have entourages, or “teams.” These teams include, but are not limited to, agents, business managers, stylists, shoppers, makeup artists, publicists, personal organizers, and assistants. Typically, even if a celebrity does not use the gift bag products right away, a member of the entourage often reviews the products or incorporates the product into the celebrity’s daily routine. By ensuring that the product gets into the right hands (whether the celebrity or the close member of the celebrity’s team), gift giving can ensure a remarkable source of business from customers directly interested in your product.

Gifting as a Marketing Tool

Gift giving is a typical marketing tools of the modern era. For decades, companies have used traditional marketing methods such as newspaper advertisements and classifieds, radio commercials, billboards, and television commercials. Each of these marketing tools has some strengths depending on the market the business owner wishes to reach. For example, radio commercials are a good way to reach drivers on the long morning commute, and those who use billboards intend widespread reach, especially for businesses already located along the highway. Each of these is immediate and short-term marketing tools. However, celebrity endorsement is a powerful, pervasive, and long-term marketing tool because the modern era is known as the “era of the celebrity.” According to historian and scholar Richard Schickel, people are more likely to trust, buy, and use products that celebrities endorse more than any other form of endorsement (“Intimate Strangers: The Culture of Celebrity,” Doubleday Press, 2011). While television commercials may involve a celebrity spokesperson, direct celerity endorsement through the gift company celebrities trust will give your brand a true stamp of approval.

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