What Is A Swag Bag?

Swag Bag

A swag bag is used for marketing. More importantly, they are used in marketing for events. The company wants their brand to be out there and promoted. Companies want a sale. They use this bag to help aid them in this endeavor. They take high-quality products from their company and put them in the bag. The bags are then given out at certain high profile events and celebrity functions. Any celebrity who attaches their name to the brand is considered by many to be a “guaranteed sale”.

The Benefits of Using Swag Bags In Marketing For Events

Event marketing

There are a number of benefits in using swag bags for events. Here are at least 6 of them.

1) They offer up a creative flair for any sort of luxury events company gathering. Every company is looking for a new way to spice things up. They want a new way to invite people into their world and buy from them. Swag bags are a great way to do this.

2) This is a good way to keep the costs down. Most of the time, advertising this way would take additional radio spots and other forms of communication. Promoting your brand can get rather expensive, especially when you are promoting a high profile luxury events company gathering. All you do is put your best products in the bag. Make sure they are some of your newer products. Anyone who picks one up will get a taste of what you are offering. Some of them just show up for the free goodies. However, studies have shown that 75% of everyone who takes one home will become a customer in one way or another.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.
–Chinese Proverb

Business card3) It is a tangible way to keep your company as a reference. You could hand out business cards. Most people will throw them away at some point. I cannot tell you how many business cards I used to have that have since been thrown out. When the person wants to get in touch with you, they can.

The other incentive with this is the special treatment. The more a person uses a celebrity toy, the more business they will do in the future. The more business they do, the more special offers they will receive.

4) The person who gets it can pick and choose what they want. The things they do not want can be disposed of. Better still, the person may give it to someone else who can use it more. This will also increase your client base. You may end up getting customers you never thought you would.

“What is considered one man’s trash, is considered another’s treasure”.

Savannah Outen5) These swag bags for events will continue to convey your company’s message over and over. Each time a person uses one of your high priced watches, your brand will get some attention. Others will ask where the person got it. They will contact you to find out more. See how that works? You can read more about it here.

6) When you put your company’s brand and logo in the bag, this gives it more of a professional look. This conveys a message too. It means that you are being taken seriously. Some brands do not make it to this level because they are not treated as or seen as “professional”. This is where you can separate yourself from the pack. The more professional you are, the more others will consider you to be a “niche” brand or authority on the product.

This goes for high-profile celebrity companies too. Anytime a celebrity is wearing or using your brand it means you have “arrived”. Once you reach this level, you will then get more endorsements. The more endorsements you get, especially for a startup company, the farther you will go.

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