Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gifting suite?

A gifting suite is a private red carpet event that welcomes celebrities, media, and VIP to an event. The suite will include the sponsorship and gifting of products that are of interest to the celebrities in attendance. Photos and publicity of celebrity guests with your product(s) or brand will provide long-term marketing value and exposure to the participating company. What first started as gift bags for celebrities developed into what we here at Celebrity Connected refer to as gift suites. The day before the actual celebrity awards shows, we will produce and host our own event where over 80 celebrities are in attendance. At every event we have roughly 50 sponsors from all over the world, with a variety of products ranging from high-end jewelry to the latest fashions, gadgets, and everything in between.

Why should I participate in a gifting suite?

Every vendor has their own reason for taking part in a gift suite. Celebrity gifting suites have been proven to be an effective way to get your product directly in the hands of celebrities and media. When you want your product or service to gain exposure or awareness there is no better way to do so than association with celebrities and there is no method more proven to work than celebrity product placement. Celebrity sells!!! When you compare individual celebrity endorsement fees, the cost of advertising in a magazine/newspaper or other means of exposure for your company, this is one of the most cost-effective ways out there to expose your product and raise awareness of your brand.

What makes Celebrity Connected different?

Our Company is different because we believe in direct placement for each brand. This means YOU and the representatives of your company will actually attend our event and hand the gift to the celebrities yourself. Ensuring that your products actually go to the celebrities and you get that useful footage of the celebrities interacting with you to use for your marketing purposes. Unlike most other companies, we provide each celebrity with a personal liaison that escorts them to each and every table. This ensures you will get face time with every celebrity in attendance. We also provide each of our sponsors the rights to all of the media they take at our event. Additionally, we announce each celebrity that walks through the doors as well as provide them with a sheet that has their name and what they are famous for. This ensures every sponsor knows who they are speaking with.Celebrity Connected thrives on long term relationships with their clients. Gifting suites are the first step in exploring where Celebrity Connected can take companies, whether it be obtaining shelf space at major retailers, directing more traffic to your website, or getting your product featured on your favorite talk show.”

What makes celebrities want to attend your event?

“Our company has been doing this for many years and we have a great reputation and personal relationship with a lot of these celebrities and there management. The celebrities can promote their upcoming projects, explore new business opportunities and stay on the cutting edge with new products/services. Also, we incorporate many charities and non-profits into our events, this enables the celebrities to gain great publicity supporting really great causes and companies. We create a safe, private, and comfortable environment for the celebrities to network and explore the latest and greatest products and services on the market. We invite the nominees, presenters, and performers of the award show… As well as celebrities that are current and trending in the media. We always have an eclectic array of celebrities including stars from television, music, films, and sports.”

How do you invite the celebrities?

We have an amazing talent department responsible for booking and securing celebrities for every event. Most of our talent department staff have been working with us for many years and have formed incredible relationships with celebrities and their management teams. We invite the nominees, presenters, and performers of the award show… As well as any celebrities that are current and trending in the media. We always have an eclectic array of celebrities including stars from television, feature films, sports, and musical acts.


How do I become a Sponsor?

If you feel your products or services would be a good fit… Simply contact us and let us know and one of our team members will reach out to you with more information on how to become a sponsor.



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