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You in a brand, do you need promotion or endorsing? Swag bag? Celebrity endorsments? Celebrity PR? Celebrity company to endorse your brand? Be honest; have you even considered the idea or thought about the real possibility? If not, then why not? It may be just what your brand needs. After all, fashion is related with celebrity marketing and they can help with promoting business, goods, etc. Why not try fashion to promote your brand or business, or both?

After all, who knows fashion better than celebrities themselves? Or big name companies in the trend of fashion? Celebrity stars or fashion gurus/celebrity fashion designers and big name brands, as they call them? Think about it.

I would like to quote an interesting expert source on the matter. It is no dummy when it comes to fashion, nor are its unique plethora of writers. When it comes to hiring a celebrity fashion expert, it simply says that:
“You know it’s going to be painful when the doyenne of fashion wisdom dismisses your black-and-silver Peter Kaiser peep-toes as sensible heels you wear with a cocktail dress when you’re getting old and you don’t want to wear heels anymore. That’s not the half of it. The heels, which happen to rise two inches, don’t work….”

This is something which many people fail to consider. Yet you may have just been made aware of it in a bit more depth and detail, and the light bulb has just turned on in your own head. If that is the case, then more power to you and your brand. The article continues:

“….The jumper is a size too big. The four black plastic buttons on its front placket are oversize and obvious, and create a pinafore look. The black T-shirt underneath is too casual. And the earrings are all wrong: Even if the jumper were salvageable, it is mod and silver chandeliers are not.” 

Now then, what is more than interesting to note here….is the fact that you will be hounded. You have to be comfortable with this fact, or should I say, this true reality. You will be hounded and criticized and critiqued in detail, should you choose to hire someone with class….a true expert celebrity in the realm of fashion. This is someone who has been there and done that, as they say…..and who more than knows what he or she is talking about. Thus, you should listen up and ask as many questions as necessary. It is, after all, your own business brand which is on the line here…..and you want it to look well. 

It is important to not take criticism or remarks personally, as they more than often will be many. This is just the way it goes in the area of fashion. Their lives are as stressful as yours; their deadlines and standards are no less meticulously scrutinized. Consider this reality and remember it.

LisaRaye McCoy

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LisaRaye McCoy

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