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Did you know that even planning is worth over $5 billion worldwide. This number continues to rise, as more people become interested in pursuing a career in it. Every company that does event planning offers something special. Some pursue event planning companies in Los Angeles that offer services in theme parks. Some pursue Los Angeles event planning companies which offer work in the non-profit area. There are some who pursue Los Angeles event planning for hotels and corporations.

At the end of the day though, it doesn’t really matter where your interest lies. All that matters is that you are becoming part of something big and special. You also need to know that you will be working very hard for this. This is especially true if you are seeking work with one of the top companies corporate event planning Los Angeleshas to offer. If you really want to make a success of yourself in this area, then you will have to work very hard.

There is a lot of competition in this area. There are a lot of people who want the job. You have to bring something to the table, something that no one else is. Which brings us to the next section. Below we will be showing you how to go about doing this. This goes way beyond getting some of the best event planning internships Los Angeleshas to offer. This goes way beyond getting the best event planning certification Los Angeles too.


As we said, the competition is fierce. Some of the best students, the ones who come from the best event planning classes Los Angeles has to offer, they don’t even make it. It’s because they don’t have anything to offer, outside of the formal training. It takes more than just formal training to make it in this industry.

We are here to show you.



1) The first thing you need to do is decide which road to take. Like we said above, there are many roads to choose from. The choice is yours. You should decide to either be a general event planner or work in specialized area. There are drawbacks to both, so choose carefully.

The general directions has a wide range to choose from, but you won’t be able to establish yourself from the brand or company image for “Event Planning Los Angeles.” If you decide to work in a specialized area, you won’t be so encapsulated by the “image.”

Some companies in this industry will require you to move to a different location. Sorry to tell you that. You have to determine if this is the right thing for you. If you feel you need to break away from the whole “event planning companies Los Angeles” image and feel, then this might be a good move for you.

2) The next thing you should do is go to some trade shows and/or conferences. It’s not written in stone, but it’s recommended. This is one of the ways you can offer individuality and your own unique presentation. There are many companies who hire specifically based on this.

3) It’s best to understand what you are getting into first. It’s not like they show you in the movies and on t.v. You’ll be required to do all the work. If you only understand one thing going in, it’s this point. You have to be willing to get your hands and feet dirty. Some clients will get involved. Others will not. It all depends on who you are working with.

It’s also a good idea to have a fee set up before investing in your client. Trying to get a client is a long and time-consuming thing. At the end of the day, you might not even secure the person as a client. Setting up a fee prior to taking someone on is also good for another reason. You don’t want to have someone steal your ideas and run. This ensures this won’t happen.

Be ready and willing to take on anything and everything. This is going to be your job, from dawn to dusk.

4) It’s best to assess your own abilities before you jump in with both feet. Why? It doesn’t look too good on you. Say you get hired by the premiere event planning company Los Angeles has to offer. Say they set up your fee and your contract. Everything is written in stone. You get the corner office and everything. Now, let’s say that you can’t do the job after all. The company is going to look like a fool and so are you.

Know exactly what you are capable of going in. This way you will know which companies to seek out.


Now we come up to the training part of this content.

1) Try to get some relevant experience in the private sector. Catering to your friends and family is not enough. Seek out a catering job where you can learn some skills. This is a good chance to see if you like it or not. Some just like the “idea of event planning”. When it comes down to the actual “nitty gritty” of the job they bail. You have to see if this is something you are actually going to love or not.

2) The next step is to get some training. We mean some formal training, especially if you want to get the certification. The certification is one of the few ways you will actually be taken seriously. You can do this through online studying, on-campus classes or even vocational training.

3) As you do steps 1&2 you will want to build up your portfolio. Having a portfolio is the only way you will be taken seriously. The more training and jobs you add, the more people will be willing to take a chance. It will also show you are serious about it, that it’s not just another hobby of yours. Anyone can turn this into a hobby. It’s those who are serious who turn this into a career goal.

4) You should become part of the Event Planning Association. This, in part, requires a completion of your classes. Take as many as you can and graduate. It’s not enough to just get a “certificate.” This is just the paper that comes from the school. You have to get a “certification.” This comes from the Event Planning Association.

Every program varies. It’s best to contact the association. This way you can find out if you meet the requirements.

5) You should also become part of a trade show organization. Each one has it’s own registry and hours of completion. Decide which are you want to be involved in and go for it.


This is one of the final steps in the process. It’s best to begin work right away. Don’t just say you have a degree and then sit on your butt. Time will pass and someone else will come along and take the job.

Figure out how you want to begin. Do you want to work for yourself? Someone else? It’s all up to you. Some people are not ready to set out on their own. This is why working for someone else is perfect. The only issue with this lies in the paycheck and your name. You won’t get as big a paycheck as your boss will. You also won’t be able to establish yourself right away.

Starting out on your own requires lots of hard work. It requires tons of funding. The market might already be saturated with people. This means they are more likely to slam the door in your face. If you do start out on your own, you will need to be very consistent. You will need to be very determined, we mean very determined. You will have to go out of your way to show you are someone special.

There are pros and cons to both sides. The choices is yours.Use these tips


1) It’s not required to have catering experience, but it’s extremely recommended.

2) You are going to need some help picking a formal training. It’s best to seek out someone who is highly-qualified in the industry. This person can advise you on which classes are worthwhile and which are not.

3) It’s also “suggested” that you get some language training. This is especially useful if you are going to be doing diplomatic events. Spanish is the recommended choice.

4) The BLS has found that those without any sort of credentials don’t really make it. It’s in your best interest to get training, in every aspect of the job.


There are only a few, but they do merit some mentioning.

1) Event planning is not going to be a 9 to 5 job. You have to get used to this now. You will have to make yourself available at any time, day or night. It might require some overnights. It might require some weekends. It all depends on what you are doing and what the client wants. If you have a small family, this might cause some issues. If you don’t like being up late, this might not be such a good choice for you, career-wise.

2) Using skills like “thinking on the spot” will definitely save you. Don’t just rely on a Plan A. You will need some backups. There are going to be times when your first plan won’t work out. Being flexible is part of the job, a big part of the job.

3) When it comes to online classes it’s best to be careful. Some offer certificates which don’t amount to much. You will go through all that work for nothing. Do your own research before starting class. Make sure the credits are valuable. Make sure they can be transferred over for more education, if it’s needed.


This last section is just meant to be for educational purposes.

We feel it’s necessary to know what to expect. This also included some hard truths about the job. If you know what to expect, then you will know how better to prepare for your future.

1) There is a difference between being a perfectionist and a control freak. You will be crossing the line if you feel you have to micro-manage everything. There is has to be a healthy balance of delegation with this job. There also has to be a reality check on yourself. Not everything has to be perfect, nor will it be. If this is you, you will have to give yourself a wake up call, even before taking a job.

2) It’s not all about you! You are there to put it all together and fade into the background. You are not the star of the show.

3) You won’t have much time for play. Get used to it!

4) It’s okay to be sociable, this industry attracts a great number of outgoing people. However, there is a difference between this and being overbearing. Your job is to be the former, not the latter.

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