Erik Griffin

Erik Griffin
Erik Griffin

Occupation (s)
  • Comedian
  • Actor
Years active

2003 - present




6 ft 4 in

Erik Griffin, a first generation American-born comedian/actor, is hard working, ambitious, talented, and most importantly funny according to his mother. Erik made the decision in 2003 to quit his job and plunge headlong into making comedy his full-time occupation. This challenge paid off, and Erik is now a series regular on the Comedy Central series, Workaholics. Besides opening for Dave Attel in Washington and Damon Wayans in Irvine California, Erik has headlined up and down the Western United States and Canada. Other accomplishments include winning the Northern Lights Comedy Contest, a semi-finalist (6th place) in the 2005 International Seattle Comedy Competition, attended the 5th & 6th Annual Calgary Comedy Festival as well as a runner-up in the 2005 Rocky Mountain Laugh- Off. When Erik is not on the road, he makes the rounds throughout Southern California sevens days a week preparing himself for the big Hollywood stage. With his multicultural background, a Central American Caribbean mother, a father of European descent, Erik blends well into the North American landscape particularly in this era of cultural diversity. Erik's comedy is full of hilarious observations about life, love and self-evaluation bringing together all ages and ethnic backgrounds which makes for an uproariously good time.