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Famous people always make excellent salespersons. Most companies rush to use celebrity testimonial in advertising since it’s one of the easiest ways to create associations in the mind of consumers. The trick behind celebrity brand endorsement event is that the brands rely on his credibility to give legitimacy and popularity to the brand. Some of the most famous celebrities could be ex-politician, athlete, a cartoon character, musician or actors. A celebrity doesn’t have to be world famous. They just need to be a familiar and popular face among the targeted audience. The use of celebrity endorsement event has grown tremendously in recent years.

The Numbers Don’t Lie. 

The first major use of endorsement event was Babe Ruth in the late 1930s for a soft drink brand. Since then the field of endorsement events has grown tremendously. Research shows that the average American watches about 5.11 hours of television and is exposed to an average of 3000 ads across all media platforms. The research also indicates that the use of endorsement events could lead to up to a 4% rise in sales. As the rank and influence of celebrities grow on social media and lots of other digital media platforms, the impact might significantly inch upwards.

Tips to Creating Effective Endorsement Event Effective Endorsement Event

I. Finding the Right Match.

The key to an effective endorsement event is choosing the right celebrity for your brand. Most brands simply choose someone because of his athleticism, attractiveness, physical attractiveness, lifestyle or intellectual capacity. Even then what’s more important is credibility, trustworthiness, and character. That’s because customers can only relate with authenticity from the celebrity. An endorsement event is one in which the star creates an unspoken pact that he or she understands the product and has used the brand before- testimonial in advertising.

II. Cut The Costs.

An endorsement event is only effective to the extent that it generates more revenues, brand awareness and sales than it cost. One of the ways of minimizing the cost of the endorsement event is to have the celebrity take photos wherever they are. Most often brands think they have to fly the star to an exotic location. In the end, they incur thousands in travel fees, location licenses and paying local service providers. The celebrity can then post the photos on his or her social media platforms. This strategy makes the endorsement event more authentic which in turn increases the relatability and credibility.

III. Encourage Endorsers To Speak Creatively.

Depending on the nature of the product, it’s more engaging if the celebrity talks about the aspects of the brand that they like the most. This is much more apt for products like cosmetics, automobiles and holiday packages. It makes it easier for the end-users among his followers to have a reason to buy the product. Such an endorsement creates a call to action that in turn increases the conversion rates for the product or service. Most importantly this gives the end-users more freedom in how they utilize the product.

IV. Have Proper Metrics.

There are lots of marketing tools that can be used to measure the impact of a celebrity endorsement event. Research shows that celebrity brand endorsement effective advertising can lead to a 4% or more sales return. If you don’t have the internal metrics for measuring the impact, then you can hire third-party firms to conduct the study for you. There are a number of influencer marketing software that have analytical features and dashboards. The analytical features rank each celebrity based on their span of influence, likability, and social performance.

V. Focus On Photos And Videos.

Written words are often limited in terms of how much they can convey. That’s why, for you to have an effective endorsement event, you should focus on video and photos. Videos tend to add an image and motion dimensions that make it easier to communicate deeper nuance and create greater relatability. Mere statements of enthusiasm on a canvas or billboard cannot lead to conversions. It’s vital to encourage the celebrity to take action photos while wearing the brand jersey or holding the products. At best, keep the videos and photos casual, relaxed and ordinary.

VI. Avoid Background Crowds.

Most often celebrities are swarmed by a group of friends, family, fans and even strangers during a celebrity brand endorsement event. Even then you should encourage the star to take the photo or shoot the video with no one in the background. This is mainly due to legal and ethical issues. At the end of the day, you want everyone in the video or photo to have provided explicit permission for the use of the material for promotional purposes. If you have lots of non-ambassadors in the background, you will need to get the individual consent before using it. Otherwise, you risk a lawsuit.

VII. Offer Fans Opportunities To Engage And Connect.

The modern day platforms provide lots of user-generated media and greater opportunity for brand endorsement by celebrities. These platforms give your brand more significant opportunity to engage and connect with the fans and potential users. Social media is the largest opportunity for you to be able to do this. Keep in mind that Snapchat has (300M) users, Instagram (500M), WhatsApp (1.2B), Facebook (1.2B), while Twitter has 500M+ users. Craft the kind of endorsement that can be adopted and replicated by the celebrity’s social media followers as well as your own.  Fans of celebrities

Five Key Changes in Celebrity Endorsement

I. The Definition of ‘Celebrity.’

Technological changes have substantially altered the definition of who qualifies to be a celebrity. These changes including the rise of social media have completely changed the celebrity culture. The star tag and influence is no longer the preserve of musicians, actors, models. The rise of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter has led to the rise of otherwise talented yet previously unknown men and women. There are some who still try to draw a distinction between social media stars and celebrities. Even then, when it comes to a brand endorsement, both groups have the capacity to create an effective endorsement event.

II. How Agencies Are Managing Celebrities.

With their vast reach, relatability, and product fit, lots of agencies are choosing to work with influencers. Currently, nearly all industries have relied on celebrity endorsement in one form or another. Nearly 74% of agencies rely on celebrities for endorsement while a further 12% are weighing such a move. It’s also becoming clearer that more agencies would rather manage the influencers in-house rather than choose freelancers. This also affects the issues of remuneration, contracting, and how these celebrities sell their influence. Lots of online brands are quickly learning how to monetize their pages.

III. Social Media Stars In Demand.

It often used to be that musicians, actors, preachers, royals and politicians were the celebrities. Currently lots of people who curate interesting, engaging, compelling and valuable content have been able to build a significant following. These social media stars have the same level of fame, credibility, and influence like that of A-list celebrities. Given that a typical denizen spends lots of hours on social media platforms, these social media stars are able to offer the kind of audience insight that brands crave. Because of these insights they can provide more efficient brand targeting and brand relevance.

IV. The popularity of One-Off Campaigns.

A whole lots more firms are beginning to work with celebrities on one-off campaigns rather than sign up for long terms endorsements. This is mainly due to the ‘Tiger Woods effect.’ These firms are wary of getting tied down to celebrities especially in the current scandal-prone celebrity culture. This is also due to the shortened markets and product cycles. A person who is a celebrity today could quickly lose his charm or influence overnight. In the event that there is a natural and authentic affinity between the product and the celebrity, the firm can quickly consider a longer term endorsement.

V. Budget Is Biggest Barrier For Agencies.

Lots of agencies are not able to secure the amount of cash it takes to hire and retain the social media stars or celebrities. They also do not have the budget it takes to gauge the influencer’s reach and potential returns when using them for online brand endorsement. In fact, 83% of agencies cited the high cost of hiring these online talents as one of the impediments of effective endorsement events. The best part about it is that the rise of localized social media stars makes it easier to secure their services at a fraction of what the big name online brands would charge. Budget

Final Thoughts.

There are lots of benefits that come with putting together testimonials in advertising. First, they are effective in building brand equity. They also help potential clients to remember the ad. They increase brand credibility and gives them a distinct persona in the market. At the end of the day, each brand has to decide whether it’s in their best interest to seek brand endorsement by celebrities. A well-planned celebrity brand endorsement effective advertising can yield disproportionately high results.


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