Colin KaepernickWe all remember and know Colin Kaepernick; he is an NFL quarterback currently a free agent who formerly played for the San Francisco 49ers. During the 2016 preseason, he would take a single knee kneeling or sitting position as the national anthem was played. His actions created a lot of headlines around him especially him being a mixed race player born to a white mother and African American man who left even before he was born. Colin was later adopted by the Kaepernick family using his notoriety as a player he took these actions to make a statement about racism, police brutality and oppression in America. His actions elicited mixed and hard-line positions from fellow players as well as the general public, and at some point, fellow NFL players would emulate his actions the most notable being Megan Rapinoe. His jersey went on to become the most sold jersey at the time on the NFL shop website which was attributed to the routine he had taken on. This kind of activism may not have sat well will the NFL which in some cases is considered conservative.

Mike Vick is a former NFL player who played for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons while making an appearance on ‘speak for yourself’ had a few words of advice to Colin who he notes is currently unemployed. He asked Colin to cut his afro and give himself a clean cut look this would apparently make him more presentable and desirable to NFL teams. Colin who currently rocks a fully grown Afro may be giving out a negative impression if Vicks words are anything to go by. Fans of Colin have been on hand to weigh in on the subject the most persistent question being what one’s hairstyle had to do with their quality of play. Whether this is true or not the issue of hairstyle remains an open question. It seemed Colin had chosen to stay silent for some time but on Tuesday he responded, and while he did not directly name Vick it appeared he was the target. The tweet which went on to define the Stockholm syndrome a condition at times referred to as “traumatic bonding” or “victim brainwashing.”

“The Stockholm syndrome appears when an abused victim develops a kind of respect and empathy towards the abuser .it was named after a bank robbery in Stockholm when a group of bank employees were held hostage and developed a strong sense of empathy towards their captors. When this traumatic event was over, they even defended their captors by not wanting to say anything that might endanger their captor’s freedom.”

This tweet was seen and shared by millions of fans in what must have been the single highest mention and celebrity endorsement of the words, “Stockholm syndrome.” Colin was simply stating that Mike Vick had been brainwashed by the same people who did not want him to take a stand against what he saw as oppression and had now become a source of unsolicited advice for him and his choice of hairstyle. In Colin’s views, Mike is a victim of a captor that is White America using him to advance their interest while at the same time continue to attack and victimize him. This tweet adds new twists to this story the question that remains is, does it benefit or injure his career? The jury may still be out on that, but it sure caught a lot of attention.

Michael VickCelebrity Connected noted that this is not the first time that Michael Vick is speaking about Colin earlier on he implied that his social activism was not the primary cause of his inability to get signed. Rather it could be a case of the NFL teams not being able to fit in his pro-style offense into positions that required pocket passer. He may not be at the peak of his play as was witnessed in his best years between 2012 and 2013, but many have continued to question what other motives are in play considering he has continuously been left out of picks. Michael Bennett, a Seattle Seahawks defensive, was even more categorical stating that race and politics had every bit to do with him being left out.

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