Marketing is a competitive field. When there are a number of other similar products available for potential customers to choose from, you want to ensure you’re approaching your marketing strategy in a new, unique and exciting way. One of the best ways to get the attention of your potential client base is through putting a celebrity in your marketing strategy.

What is Celebrity Marketing?

Celebrity Marketing is the use of a famous movie star, singer, athlete, or otherwise well known celebrity in the promotion of your brand or product. In some instances, celebrity marketing can mean having a big name as the face, or spokesperson, for your product. These days, it can also mean social media promotion by the celebrity, or that they appear at your restaurant, store, or other physical business location.

All variations of celebrities make great additions to a marketing strategy, although you’ll want to ensure the celebrity you choose to connect with makes sense for your brand. Ideally, the celebrity used in your celebrity infused marketing campaign should be a part of your target demographic and have a customer based comprised of other individuals in your ideal demographic. Your celebrity choice should be someone with the power to influence the decisions of their fans and followers, have a say in what is fashionable or what products should be considered for purchase, or otherwise delegate which brands are at the top.

How Does Celebrity Marketing Work for Your Business?

Celebrities are always being photographed, and those images appear across websites, magazines, and the internet at lightening speed. If the celebrity can be photographed holding your product or in one of your stores, your company will essentially get free advertisement as long as the image continues to circulate.

Furthermore, celebrities have loyal fan bases and those fan bases trust whatever message their favorite celebrity delivers. If we use Beyoncé as a celebrity example, there are hundreds of thousands of dedicated Beyoncé fans all over the world. If those fans see that Beyoncé uses your products or shops at your store, they are likely to become customers as well. Fans of superstars and celebrities tend to trust the purchasing decisions that their favorite actors, singers, and athletes make.

Getting a great celebrity endorsement can instantly boost your company and brand to the top of success. With millions of followers on various forms of social media, just the mention of your product or brand on the right celebrity account could increase your sales exponentially.

In What Ways can Using a Celebrity in My Marketing Help My Brand?

Understanding that celebrity marketing works isn’t enough to find success in a strategy. Like any good marketing strategy, you need to have a clearly defined desired outcome before developing the right pathway to success. Here are some of the proven ways that celebrity influenced marketing can help develop your business:

Increase Sales
One of the most common strategies for using a celebrity in marketing is to increase sales. For companies that are already well established and just looking to get an edge on the competition, a celebrity as part of your marketing strategy can give customers the encouragement to buy your product.

If a group of customers believes that their favorite celebrity uses your product, they will feel as if your product can deliver the beautiful hair, cool clothes, or beautiful skin that the celebrity has.

Build Awareness
If you’re a new company still looking to gain some national traction, a celebrity endorsement is a great way to get your message spread to individuals all over the world. A celebrity’s following is usually unrestricted to a particular area or even country, so if you’re trying to take your brand to a global market, a celebrity in your marketing strategy is a great way to do so quickly.

If you aren’t at the local level yet, there are still celebrities in your area that can be utilized to get your message out there. If you live in a major city, consider known influencers in your area that you could potentially partner with.

Position Your Brand
The right celebrity endorsement can also create or change your brand’s positioning with your target market or your desired target market. Most celebrities have a fan base of one major demographic, and while their fan base may stem away here or there, it can easily be determined who the majority of their fan base is. This can come in handy when you are trying to target one specific demographic.

If your brand is not reaching the target audience you hope for, having your product associated with a celebrity with a fan base of your desired target audience can influence more purchases in that area. Just by connecting with the right audience, you can associate your audience with teenagers, serious athletes, or mothers.

Revive a Failing Brand
If your brand is struggling and it seems that it may be on its last leg, getting a celebrity endorsement strategy in place could be what saves your company from going under. With the right introduction of your brand to a celebrity’s fan base, it could be the reintroduction you need to the consumer market.

If a fan base believes their favorite celebrity is using a particular product could put it back on the trending list and give it a fan base of its own.

There are a number of benefits to having a celebrity influence in your marketing strategy and in many situations, the right celebrity connecting with your product or brand could mean overnight success. With a great product placement on a reality show, social media post by a star with millions of followers, or having a celebrity in a commercial or advertisement, you could see an immediate increase in your business’s sales or positioning. Although it is often very expensive, getting a celebrity to endorse your products is worth it.

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