Celebrity Marketing For Start-Ups

California Marketing Firm Connects With Celebrities For Start-Ups.

After years of meticulous pondering and planning, you finally accrue the budget to start your own company. You are convinced it will be the next big thing, and everyone in your circle tells you that the product is unlike anything they have ever seen. The business model is in place, the demographic is isolated, and you even know exactly how you want to market it. But once you have accomplished all of that, how do you launch? What is a fast, effective way to gain the exposure that will make your product stand out? Do you need use Celebrity Marketing?

A new business may have the best merchandise or idea in the world, but to profit on that once-in-a-lifetime product a foothold on marketing, branding, and exposure must be gained. One could take their chances working with a large PR firm, but there is always a chance their message may not be what you had in mind and it can become expensive to reconfigure strategies. The “shark-tank” type route can lead to additional capital for advertising, but it comes with a loss of equity.


Another, often misinterpreted, option is attending a celebrity gifting suite, a celebrity marketing, a staple of the Hollywood community where gift-bags with new products are distributed at celebrations thrown in conjunction with major awards shows. Unlike the stereotype of items simply being thrown into bags and handed out to the attendees, with products shrouded in anonymity unless the recipient takes the steps to research it themselves, Celebrity Connected takes an entirely different approach.


Brands interact and market to over a hundred celebrities, allowing stars to attach a face to every product, while collecting all photo and video from the event to keep for their own marketing purposes.


“At the end of the day these gifting suites are for the clients, not the celebrities,” says Brand Manager Evan Foster. “It is a networking opportunity, a chance to put their products directly into the hands of influential people while being given the opportunity to convey the goals and messages behind their company.”


Each event’s environment is similar to a trade-show. Businesses reserve a space and create a display to promote their brand. By identifying and inviting new, innovative products that may not have otherwise had exposure, Celebrity Connected creates events with a fresh, compelling atmosphere. Technology, apparel, lifestyle, cosmetic, culinary, and many more are represented at these special engagements. Also you can use Celebrity Marketing, which is very effective too. Integrating a large collection of celebrities from all forms of media, businesses are afforded the luxury of pitching their product to celebrities from a broad range of demographics. Stars of cinema, television, music, and athletics all turn out for the best gifting suite in Hollywood. All this along with vast coverage from media outlets reporting on the events allows for an aggressive approach to publicity.


Celebrity Marketing is very important and Celebrity Connected also curates its business model by adapting to today’s marketing practices, such as social media.


“Social Media as a marketing tool is more important than ever, something that we definitely take into account when we work with our clients” remarks Diana Colmenar, Vice President of Marketing for Celebrity Connected. “When you get one hundred celebrities into a room, and each one of those celebs has between fifty to a hundred thousand followers, you’re talking about your brand reaching millions of people simultaneously. That type of visibility is invaluable, and something that you’re not going to experience anywhere else.” READ MORE

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