Celebrity EndorsementsFamous celebrity endorsements can mean big business for your brand. Even the most famous celebrities eat, drink, shop, travel, and behave like everyday consumers. However, they also have the power to influence others’ buying decisions, presenting brands big and small with a golden opportunity to reap huge rewards.

Think about it. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are photographed sipping mojitos at a posh Caribbean resort, and within days of their photos going viral, the resort is booked solid through the summer. From thousands of women requesting the “Rachel” hairstyle during Jennifer Aniston’s “Friends” heyday to thousands of men becoming sugar addicts due to Marshawn Lynch’s fanatical love of Skittles, celebrities have a large impact on the buying habits of consumers, whether they mean to or not. People ave an innate desire to be like the celebrities. They always have and always will.

Some of the biggest brands recognize the power of famous endorsements. Ellen DeGeneres endorses American Express, Cindy Crawford sells Revlon lipstick, and Ricky Gervais is now doing Verizon commercials. The examples are endless and date back hundreds of years.


Why? Simply put, it works. Here’s a look at several ways сelebrity endorsements can benefit a brand and its bottom line.


Credibility   brand endorsement

Credibility is vital for any brand, and a celebrity can provide exactly that. A valuable endorsement from the right celebrity can pique the interest of current and potential customers alike, not to mention investors and partners. By integrating the right celebrity into their marketing strategy, a brand can build instant credibility among its fans and audience.

Take “Custom Creations by Cindie” for example. Taylor Swift fell in love with the hand-painted stemware created by the small startup. Not long after, the company was awarded an invitation to the gifting suite at the famous Grammy Awards and began being commissioned to paint glassware for celebrities and companies around the world. The company has now received an invitation to the gifting suite at the Oscars as well. Now that’s credibility.


celebrity commercialPR Boost

Celebrity endorsements can also help craft exciting stories for brands and attract the attention of reporters, bloggers, and so on. Exclusive celebrity interviews can be granted, contests involving the brand and celebrity can be held, and photos and videos of the celebrity with the brand’s product can be taken. All of this valuable content will appeal to potential customers, the celebrity’s fans, and bloggers. With a finely-tuned sales funnel, all of this content can turn potential customers into loyal fans.

For example, Jessica Alba’s endorsement of The Honest Co. resulted in endless pages of interviews, articles, and other content posted in everything from top magazines to small blogs. Her endorsement of The Honest Co. created a sea of positive press the brand was able to take to the bank.


Brand Awarenessdefine celebrity endorsement

Celebrities are known to network and are well-connected to a variety of important people. From galas and red carpets to awards ceremonies and invite-only dinner, they can often be spotted at the most prestigious and publicized events. The right celebrity partner will proudly represent a brand wherever they go, creating an immeasurable amount of brand awareness.

Imagine Blake Shelton wearing your brand’s logo on a t-shirt underneath his blazer at the CMAs, or Selena Gomez endorsing your brand through all of her social media channels. While risky at times, since the success of the brand can hinge on the popularity and reputation of a celebrity, the branding power of celebrities is undeniable.


celebrity endorserBrand Equity

Before Michael Jordan came along, Nike was primarily known for sponsoring track stars and tennis players. Years later, Nike is the go-to brand for basketball shoes and “Air Jordan” has become a subsidiary company generating billions of dollars annually. Although it’s an extraordinary case, companies large and small can expand their market share and build their brand equity with the right celebrity relationship and marketing strategy.


Ad Remembrance

According to some research, celebrity endorsements can also boost ad remembrance. Not only do celebrities make ads stand out from the hundreds of other ads consumers are barraged with each day, but when they see an actor on a television show or hear a singer on the radio, many will associate that celebrity with the product they endorse.


Bottom Line

There’s no denying it, celebrities sell. When a company has sound marketing strategies in place and the right celebrity representing their brand, the possibilities are limitless. Just ask Nike, The Honest Co., Custom Creations by Cindie, or any of the hundreds of successful brands who have harnessed the power of celebrity endorsements.

Whatever a star does, the world watches, presenting your brand with an opportunity to gain instant recognition, publicity, and skyrocketing sales. What would normally take years to establish can take place literally overnight. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why more and more brands are partnering with celebrities and reaping the rewards.

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