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Most people assume that celebrities are rolling in dough thanks to the big paychecks they pull in for their acting skills, sports talent or singing ability. However, a huge chunk of a celebrity’s bank account comes from pepsi endorsement deals, not their actual day job. Brands seek out famous people to push their products and services because having a huge name represent a brand leads to brand loyalty, brand awareness and, most importantly, huge sales.

The Most Successful Celebrity Endorsement Deals Ever

ads with celebrities1. Pepsi and Britney Spears

Back in the early 2000s, Britney Spears, arguably the most popular pop star of all time, penned an $8 million deal with none other than the Pepsi company. To fulfill her contract, Spears filmed a number of commercials that ran during the biggest slots on television, like during the World Cup. The last commercial she filmed for Pepsi was with three other huge celebs – Beyonce, Pink and Enrique Iglesias. Following Spears’ deal with Pepsi was Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Christina Aguilera.

2. H&M and David Beckham

Not long ago in 2013, Beckham started popping up in H&M advertisements in order to promote his own Bodywear line. The ads were sexy and showed Beckham doing what he does best – sweating. In addition to the ads, Beckham also starred in an H&M commercial that ran during the Super Bowl in 2014.

3. T-Mobile and Catherine Zeta Jones

Once upon a time, Catherine Zeta Jones made more from endorsements than any other celebrity in the game. Among her endorsement contracts was the high profile T-Mobile deal, which began in 2002. It wasn’t long before she started showing up in TV and print ads for the company with the slogan “Get More.” Her contract lasted for four years before T-Mobile decided it was time to try out a new ad campaign. Despite the fact that T-Mobile went in a different direction, the campaign with Catherine Zeta Jones was highly effective, helping the carrier’s name become well-known and putting them in a position to compete with the bigger carriers in the industry. In 2009, T-Mobile even took her back on board for another string of campaigns. Overall, she earned approximately $20 million from her T-Mobile endorsements.

celebrity endorsement ads4. Chanel and Nicole Kidman

In 2004, Kidman starred in a short film by Baz Luhrmann for Chanel. No. 5 The Film, which cost $42 million to make, was 180 seconds long and showed off the popular Chanel No. 5 perfume. The short film was played in cinemas before the feature film started. In 2006, a shorter 30-second video began to air as a commercial in the U.S. Kidman earned $12 million for this singular Chanel endorsement project.

5. Rolex and Tiger Woods

Woods signed an endorsement deal with Rolex in 2011, not long after he lost five other endorsements following the exposure of his adultery and divorce. After signing the deal with Rolex, Woods was seen wearing watches from the company at tournaments. He also appeared in a number of print ads. Even as Woods’ performance in his sport started to dwindle, he maintained his endorsement deal with Rolex.

6. CoverGirl and Ellen Degeneres

Degeneres, a comedian and talk show host, has been a CoverGirl spokeswoman for several years. The brand highlights the 56 year old’s healthy glow in numbers print and TV ads. Despite rumors that CoverGirl was going to end the deal with Degeneres, the celebrity has still been featured on the brand’s website and also filmed a new TV spot for CoverGirl along with Sofia Vergara. One of the things that makes this such a successful deal for CoverGirl is the cross-promotion of the product on Ellen’s talk show.

7. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and Fabio

“I can’t believe it’s not butter” is a highly quotes brand slogan and the company featured Fabio in its advertisements in the 90s. With his thick accent saying the memorable tag line, Fabio was a fantastic spokesperson. He has also endorsed a number of other products, including Old Spice.

8. Proactive and Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has endorsed the skin care line Proactiv for several years. One of the reasons why this campaign has worked so well is because Simpson is upfront and honest about her struggles with acne and skin problems, claiming that Proactiv has given her the gorgeous, healthy skin she has today.

Reality Star Endorsements

While few people will admit out loud to watching a reality TV show, most people across the U.S. do. After all, reality TV didn’t become wildly popular all on its own! From Jersey Shore to The Bachelor and Keeping Up With the Kardashians, reality TV is everywhere you look. Like it or not, these reality TV stars – and many others – have a major impact when it comes to branding and marketing certain businesses and companies. Today’s biggest celebrity endorsement deals are in the hands of the reality stars we watch every week.
In the past, Fortune 500 companies would try to get top notch celebrities to push their products. Today, those same big companies are turning to reality TV stars to do their endorsements, thanks to this new trend in celebrity endorsement deals. Additionally, companies are no longer interested in staged endorsements, but instead in reality stars promoting products they actually use in their daily life.

Real-Life Example: Custom Creations by Cyndie

Cyndie Wade started her small business by painting glasses to give to her friends and family as gifts. After posting pictures of her hand-painted glasses on her Facebook page, she launched a website. Eventually, she caught the eye of Taylor Swift and made a few glasses for her. It didn’t take long before her business expanded, leading to her inclusion in the Grammy’s gifting suite. Thanks to the exposure her business received when Swift ordered Cyndie’s glasses, she ended up being commissioned by other big names in Hollywood.


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