Celebrities In Advertising

Why and how do celebrity endorsement ads out-win any other type of advertising campaign that your company could try to do? In the current world environment with television, social media, and online browsing being such a large part of people’s lifestyles, more and more brands and businesses are sitting up and taking notice of the marketing success of celebrity endorsement ads.

What are Celebrity Endorsement Ads?

A celebrity endorsement advertising is where a well-known individual, such as an actor, a politician, musician, or athlete appears in any form of advertisement to promote a product or service.

CELEBRITIES ADSThe Various Forms of Celebrity Ads

Celebrity endorsement ads come in a variety of forms. Take, for example, commercials. You have most likely seen Jennifer Aniston in Aveeno commercials and Jennifer Garner in Neutrogena commercials. This type of exposure to a brand with a well-recognized person as a “spokesperson” helps people to remember the product. You are more likely to check out brands like Aveeno and Neutrogena for your skin while shopping at the grocery store as your brain clicks with the images and information received while watching the commercials.

Another popular way of using celebrities for endorsement is through reality television. Many top brands have realized how successful this type of marketing is, due to the amount of people who actually watch reality T.V. Think about a reality show that you may watch. Perhaps you like Keeping Up with the Kardashians or you have to follow every season of The Bachelor, or Vanderpump Rules.

This type of marketing and endorsement ads (commonly known as product placement) is one of the top ways for a brand or company to get noticed due to the incredible amount of people watching these shows. While there may be many people claiming that they don’t watch reality television, the truth is that many consumers watch them as a “guilty pleasure.” For anyone who wants to jump on one of the most successful marketing band wagons, reality television is the where brands are seen.

Another way that celebrities help to draw attention to products and brands is by lending their names to them. Think about different perfumes with celebrity names, Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker, Glowing by J-Lo, or Lady Gaga Fame. These perfumes may have sold more for their name than for the actual scent. Centerfolds with pictures of celebrities modeling a product also reach a large amount of consumers and capture attention more than just a regular model.

Another form of celebrity endorsement ads are through social media such as on Twitter or Instagram, where a celebrity may say how much they loved a service or product, speaking from a personal experience. When it comes to successful celebrity endorsement ads, this is right up there with reality T.V shows. Many celebrities have an extremely large number of followers that are continuously following their every move on these sites, making any brand that gets this type of celebrity endorsement one that will get a lot of attention and potentially more customers.

Ellen Degeneres and CoverGirlCELEBRITIES ADVERTISING

One example of celebrity ad success is CoverGirl with Ellen Degeneres. While she wouldn’t typically be a typical candidate to model make-up, with her talk show success and her captivating blue eyes, she ended up being a fantastic choice for a makeup company and reached a broader audience than ever before due to how many people follow and love the Ellen show.
This is just one more example of how celebrity marketing can garner more attention to a brand than any regular marketing campaign could. Ellen even showed some clips of her shooting with CoverGirl on her show, helping to boost their sales with the amount of women who follow her show on a regular basis.

David Beckham and H&M

H&M has had a number of celebrities endorse their products, but one of their most successful marketing campaigns has to be when David Beckham appeared in ads for their body wear. With his strong physique, his highly recognized name as a soccer superstar and married to a famous singer, David Beckham helped H&M advertise their products and reached a very broad audience. He also appeared in a Superbowl commercial which everyone knows has to be one of the best ways to advertise in the U.S. Combine this factor with a strong and famous athlete and you have yourself an advertising win.

In Conclusion

While companies and brands should be careful with the choice of celebrity that they choose to endorse them, the rewards can be worth it. Some celebrity endorsements have turned sour due to scandalous or negative behavior from the celebrities, but for the most part celebrities helping to advertise a brand can go further than any other type of campaign celebrities promoting products.

Celebrity advertising can reach a broader audience than the brand typically would, due to each celebrity having a broad base of fans from many different walks of life. Another thing that celebrity endorsed marketing can do is invite people to get to know more about brands and products, especially if the celebrity is genuinely passionate or cares about the service, brand, or product.

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