InternetInternet as an engine of trade

In today’s world, the Internet plays a significant and major role in the life of humanity. We use it every day and in various ways – to entertain, to work, to communicate with friends and relatives. The search engine has become a vitally important tool in our use of the Internet.

The power of the Internet can be clearly seen in the business world, where the marketing and development of a business is closely aligned with the use of internet search engines. Any business can offer services, goods, make an advertisement, find new clients or customers. Competition between companies marketing the same services or products is extremely high. In such a crowded Internet environment, companies must find a way to distinguish themselves. They must discover new tools for getting new customers and demonstrating their reliability. Reviews from clients and customers is a powerful way for companies to create such distinctions and perhaps most importantly, elevating their reputation.

Reviews as a way of elevating the reputation

When we speak of reviews in the world of internet marketing, we can divide the reviews into two types. The first type is represented by oral responses of customers, Reviewwhich are taken by a representative of the company and posted to the company’s main website as a quotation. Unfortunately, such reviews have little or no influence on the reputation of a company. Moreover, they are most often, written in a positive way without any negative coloring and generally no constructive criticism. That’s why this next type of reviews is more important and influences not only on the basic reputation of the company, but also on the results that appear in the search engine. Think about the reviews found on Google, Yelp or other search engine results. In such reviews, users may express their attitudes and experiences with a company’s product or services. They freely offer their opinions to either prevent others from being deceived or to recommend the service to others. Sometimes such review are honest opinions and we can refer to these as “white” reviews. Regrettably, some reviews are just dishonest, even illegal. These are called “black” reviews. So, if someone wants to discredit the reputation of a competitor, then have someone write a bad review in Google. The review doesn’t have to be specific or detailed, it can just be a bunch of assertions with no examples or proven facts.

Recently, we discovered strange activity in reviews, stating that Celebrity Connected is a scam. As described by “ Computer hope” a scam is a term used to describe any fraudulent business or scheme that takes money or other goods from an unsuspecting person.Scams can take several forms including phishing, cold call scams and survey scams. It is alleged in one of our reviews that Celebrity Connected has committed survey scams. Survey scams are survey sites that offers money or gift vouchers to participants. Indeed, there are scams being committed by sites offering fake vouchers but we can assure you that such is not the case with Celebrity Connected.

Celebrity Connected regularly organizes luxury swag bag and gifting suite events. In these events, famous celebrity artists, singers and others from all across the USA take part. Celebrity Connected events are official and are promoted by celebrities of the top level. As such, vouchers of participation mustbe purchased via the official Celebrity Connected web site at the designated price as shown on the site. The price of each package depends on the list of included abilities and services, and every package offers exclusive rights to all captured media. Others cannot match the services of Celebrity Connected. Accordingly, we believe someone has resorted to making absurd allegations Celebrity Connected is an online survey scam.

Celebrity Connected Scam

Some of our customers are beware of claims that Celebrity Connected is a scam. They are deceived by rumors that come from reviews on the internet. As an example, let’s check this one and you can see for yourself that Celebrity Connected is not a scam.
Celebrity Connected Scam

Some of our customers have recently been made aware of this allegation and have been deceived by reviews on the internet like this one. Check it out for yourself. However, we want to assure you and all our customers that Celebrity Connected is no scam. The person named Jennifer alleges she was connected by team member from Celebrity Connected. She claims to have been emailed about an upcoming event organized by Celebrity Connected. This is not our practice. Celebrity Connected has a big list of prospective and just fast-developing companies., A team of about 20 persons send private letters to company addresses and invite them to become participants. Our calendar of upcoming events can be seen on this page. Celebrity Connected ready to give an opportunity to anyone who wants to take part in an event and to advertise their his product or company with superstars and elevate their brand visibility and reputation.

It’s easy to understand how our reviewer, Jennifer, might misunderstand a company like Celebrity Connected. We respect her right to share her opinion and seek advice but for it to be labelled as a scam is taking things too far. Celebrity Connected is not interested in deceiving people. We do, however believe in giving people an opportunity to participate in luxury events and collaborate with favorite personalities from the entertainment world. We believe in helping young and dynamically developing entrepreneurs raise their brand awareness. Some might say that our customers are like victims who must pay a fee to get a return on their investment. Yet are events get wide exposure on broadcast TV, creating many opportunities for a return on their investment

Does this sound like a scam? Not at all!

Celebrity Connected is a successful and prosperous company, which possesses a solid financial and clients base. We collaborate with the very best and have enthusiastic reviews from them. We respect our customers. We will never send scam mailings! The reputation of every company or person can beinfluenced or changed with the help of a review. Unfortunately, at the moment Celebrity Connected reviews are negativeand the nature of these review cause us to wonder where are they really coming from.Clearly, some want you to believe that Celebrity Connected is a scam. Where are their facts? Where are their specific examples? They can make assertions and allegations but we will not permit this stream of negativity go unaddressed. We will not allow such empty words and allegations to damage the integrity of Celebrity Connected.

Despite what others may say or write in reviews, Celebrity Connected will continue to be the premier organization connecting companies with the power of celebrities who can raise brand awareness and increase market success.

Celebrity Connected maintains that it has a reputation of quality!

Scam Alert!


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