celebrity brandingAbout Celebrity Branding

The right branding, especially the right celebrity branding relationship, can bring your company into the limelight and jumpstart sales. Getting celebrities talking about your product helps build brand awareness. Although you are your first and foremost brand ambassador, a celebrity brand ambassador brings your product or service an invaluable measure of publicity.



Key Benefits of Celebrity Branding

Celebrity endorsement of products has come a long way since Bruce Jenner graced the Wheaties box. Once just a loan of name and face, endorsement has grown into a full-fledged partnership with celebrities sometimes developing products with the company. Today, businesses experience three key benefits from successful branding of celebrity:
– It enhances their image.
– It builds brand awareness.
– It increase sales.Note the word successful. Your brand ambassador needs the following key traits:
– authenticity
– honesty
– transparency.
People must believe them, what they say about your product and that it’s their own words, not scripted.


Changes in Celebrity Branding

While the public often see entertainers and athletes as far removed from them, reality TV stars they more easily identify with because of their everyman status. Celebrity endorsements picked up on this and no longer uses just a staged endorsement by a movie star, but requires a genuine adoption of products – and reality TV stars have become the favorite ambassadors.

Reality show celebrities are popular because they’re 24/7 billboards for what they wear, use and where they go. Plus, reality TV stars build their brand by constant contact with fans. They use social media to continue their fame post-show and draw customers for their budding businesses. Not only can their strong connection with fans help your product, you can learn techniques from them. The MOST important thing they do is to respond to people. They engage in two-way communication, tweet more than traditional celebrities and do their own tweeting. For them, it’s about building community.


Getting Started Building Your Brandbrand endorsement

Use their social media traits to help your small business. You have to build your brand before celebrities can help enhance it. Talk about your customers’ interests, talk with them about themselves, not about your product.

Work at it daily. Build your brand and relationships. Don’t ignore those who support you.

If you’re just starting your social media presence, get your first followers by starting local. Build your follower base from real life, visiting the Chamber of Commerce & local moms day out programs with product samples and your social media contact information. Encourage recipients to post their comments and opinions on your product. Although not celebrities, local word of mouth helps you build your initial presence and brand. Next, buy a lead generation list and conduct a direct mail campaign.

Be transparent and honest.

“Customers buy from someone they trust, someone who gives them the right information, no matter what the consequence or inconvenience,” Chris Brogan, CEO of Human Business Works, told Success.

Be authentic. Set the right expectations at the outset and represent your product honestly. Give the pros and cons of it.

Be the brand. Reality stars are their own product. Be YOU all the time.

Be helpful. Don’t hard sell your product, hard sell the valuable free info you provide. Get people who’re using your product to tell their story of it and what problem you solved for them.


Success Stories

You probably recognize some big name current celebrity endorsement examples like, Julia Roberts for Givenchy, Ethan Hawke for Prada, Winona Ryder for Marc Jacobs, Rihanna for Dior and Ellen Degeneres for Cover Girl. Celebrity ambassadors stick with people. Remember Britney Spears for Pepsi? Although the representation severed some years ago, people remember the dance pop ads.

But, don’t get the idea that celebrity endorsement is just for big business. For instance, English socialite Pippa Middleton represents the non-profit British Heart Foundation. Small business, too, benefits from celebrity endorsement. Cyndie Wade’s home business, Custom Creations by Cyndie, hit the big time when her hand painted drinking glasses got noticed by musician Taylor Swift. The conduit? Her Facebook page and website. Swift ordered a set of glasses and her positive public reactions led to Wade’s inclusion in the gifting suite at the 2014 Grammys and Oscars – three years after painting her first glass.


Getting Started With Celebrity Branding

Once you’ve set up your social media accounts and gotten your local word of mouth marketing campaign started, you’re ready to start the celebrity endorsement process. It’s a ten step process.

1. Consider who fits your brand. A health food company wouldn’t want to tap a junk food junkie and a family brand should avoid the night club set. Liability does damage, such as those who abuse drugs or alcohol, so steer clear of those celebrities.

2. Find a genuine connection, someone who uses a product you make or has shown interest it.

3. Establish contact through their agent. Send your brand information and the product to try. Ask for quotes and find out if they like it.

4. If you receive a positive response, express interest in a brand ambassador relationship. Explain your desired level of committment. Will it include photo shoots, interviews, ads?

5. The agent consults their client and provides a fee request.

6. Sign the legal contracts, make a fee payment and representation begins.

7. Using internal or external public relations experts, plan a marketing campaign around your celebrity ambassador.

8. Educate the celebrity on your product(s) so they can answer questions.

9. Supply them with products so they can try them and post honestly and authentically about their experiences. Let them choose what to say. The best word of mouth is organic.

10. Track your results: the clippings, re-posts/shares and note sales trends.


Just do it.

Whether you run a fledgling home business or an established company, a celebrity ambassador can help you build your brand and your sales. The sooner you start, the sooner your sales spike.



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