Michael VickMike Vick got a rude shock in a sneering rebuttal from Colin Kaepernick about his advice for the latter to cut his afro hair style. Colin said he was Vick is brainwashed and suffering from the Stockholm syndrome. When Vick visited the FSI’s Speak for Yourself, he expressed the view that Kaep would be more presentable to NFL sides if he acquired a more clean-cut look by cutting his afro. The incident took place on Monday and immediately after Kaep went ahead and posted a message on Instagram which was undoubtedly targeting Vick although he did not mention Mike by name when he posted what he called a “deal” in the celeb social media posts.

The news might have coincided with the wedding of Nev Schulman who opted to get wet on the beach riding waves instead of attending the banquet party for his celebrity wedding. The star was born in 1984, September 26th, and he specializes in photography, TV hosting and he is also an actor. He is famously known for the TV documentary series known as Catfish which premiered in 2010.

He had an interesting story because he first took dancing classes for 5 years before venturing into photography. Schulman got involved with New York’s contemporary ballet community where he started taking pictures of the dances. In the course of his studies, he was expelled for having a fight with a female student; he however maintains that he did that in self-defense. The star who hopes to get more celebrity endorsements says that he hopes to live in Paris one day in future.

For a game changer, Kaep has decided to post the meaning of Stockholm Syndrome instead of commenting about the affair. When victims of abuse begin to respect and empathize with their abusers, they are said to suffer from the syndrome. Another term for the condition is “Victim Brain Washing” or Traumatic Bonding. It was named after a group of employees who were caught up in a bank robbery developed a strong bonding of empathy with the people who held them hostage.

When the traumatic episode ended, the employees went ahead to defend their captors by refusing to say anything against them. Perhaps that is why Kaep refused to comment on the incident. The employees did not want to do anything that could endanger their captors’ freedom, but they went as far as defending them. How the two are related is yet a mystery, but many assume that Kaep considers Vick to be the victim of a White America which is the captor.

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