Terry of Soulkix: March 2016. We had a lot of fun at the recent Academy Awards event. We go to meet with quite a few celebrities and social media influencers. Also the press. It was exciting for our SoulKix team because we found that the celebrities loved the SoulKix custom printed shoes and what SoulKix could do for them as far as producing custom shoes for their cast and crews

A Queensbury woman owns her own business and some of that business ended up at the Grammys. The idea of celebrities with glasses is unique and successful. Custom Creations by Cyndie She was also in Nashville for the George Jones Tribute Concert. Cyndie Wade started her business, by hand painting glasses as gifts for her family and friends. When she created the gifts, she would post pictures of them on

In September I got an unusual e-mail from a Los Angeles- based PR company, Celebrity Connected, inviting me to “sponsor” and participate in a gifting suite for the George Jones Tribute Concert in Nashville, TN. Sponsoring meant that for a small fee I could have a 10×10 space to display my pillowcases, meet the celebrities in attendance to the event, give out pillowcases, and take as many photos/videos of the celebrities talking with

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