Carter Reynolds

Carter Reynolds


Reynolds is known for his short skits, his pranks on his mom and also various collaborations with other Viners. Carter Reynolds nationality is American


In a Vine posted on 13 October 2014, Reynolds is seen elbowing a fan aside when she politely requests for a photo.

Reynolds was caught deriding his fans in a live stream started by a friend. He blurted off-screen '...I hate my fans, they're so annoying', to the surprise of his friends on camera. He later apologized on Twitter, claiming that he was being sarcastic.

On June 2015, a video was leaked showing Carter with then-girlfriend Maggie. The X-rated video shows Reynolds trying to convince Maggie to have sexual relations with him. Carter's genitals are visible in the video and he can be heard to say "Do it" and "just pretend (the camera) isn't there". Lindemann replies "I don't think I can", repeating "I am really uncomfortable". The video ends with Carter saying "Oh my gosh, Maggie".

On July 2015, Reynolds was banned from attending VidCon and was allegedly removed from his hotel. VidCon co-founder Hank Green tweeted “Security removed him [Reynolds] from the hotel. He was not an invited guest.” and later added, in a reply to Reynolds "Sorry, that's what I heard. In any case, we do need to ask that you not come back tomorrow."

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