Brett Dier

Brett Dier

February 14, 1990 ( age: 27 )
London, Ontario, Canada
Occupation (s)
Years active


Dier received his role in a TV movie, Family in Hiding, as Matt Peterson in 2006. In 2007, he appeared in Seventeen and Missing and The Secrets of Comforting House. In 2008, he gained the role of Caden in Every Second Counts and an alternate Clark Kent in Smallville. He appeared in a small role as Derek Edlund in Fear Itself. In 2010, he had a cameo appearance in Diary of a Wimpy Kid as a breakdancer. He made appearances in Made: The Movie and Meteor Storm. He had a recurring role in Mr. Young as Hutch. He was in another TV movie, Mega Cyclone, as Will Newamr. In 2012, he had a role in Space Twister. In another recurring role, he was Brandon Kelly in The L.A. Complex. In 2013, he played a lead role on Ravenswood as Luke Matheson. The series was cancelled after one season. He received critical acclaim for his role in Bomb Girls as Gene Corbett. He appeared in Exeter which was released in 2015. In 2014, he began the role of Detective Michael Cordero in Jane the Virgin, which was renewed for a second season.


Year    Title 2006  Family in Hiding 2006  The Secrets of Comfort House 2007  Seventeen and Missing 2007  Battle in Seattle 2008  Every Second Counts 2009  Phantom Racer 2010  Meteor Storm 2010  Dear Mr. Gacy 2010  Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2010  Goblin 2010  Made... The Movie 2011  Goodnight for Justice 2011  Ghost Storm 2011  Mega Cyclone 2013  Barbie in the Pink Shoes 2013  The Wedding Chapel 2013  Mighty Mighty Monsters in Halloween Havoc 2013  Mighty Mighty Monsters in New Fears Eve 2014  The Hazing Secret 2014  Grace 2015  Exeter


Year    Title 2007  Kaya 2007  Aliens in America 2008  Smallville 2008  Fear Itself 2009  The Troop 2010  Supernatural 2010  V 2011  Shattered 2011  Endgame 2011  Flashpoint 2011–2013   Mr. Young 2012  Blackstone 2012  The Secret Circle 2012  The L.A. Complex 2013  Emily Owens, M.D. 2013  Bomb Girls 2013  Pretty Little Liars 2013–2014   Ravenswood 2014–present          Jane the Virgin 2015  Backstrom

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